George Washington Papers

General Orders, 12 June 1782

Wednesday June 12. 1782

C. Signs

The Board of Officers assembled persuant to the orders of the 12th of May last to examine into and report on the principles of the late Arrangemt of the subalterns of the Connecticut Line, have made the following Report, which the Commander in Chief approves of—He therefore directs that the officers who constituted that board proceed as soon as conveniently may be to a final determination of the relative rank of their subalterns of the Connecticut Line agreeably to the principles laid down in their late report—to facilitate this business it is ordered that a return wherein the dates of the several Commissions by which the subalterns of that line have served shall be specified in the proper hand writing of each individual and which the Commanding Officer of the Line shall certify to be correct, be without delay made to Major General Lord Stirling—The Adjutant General will furnish the form of the return.

The board of Officers appointed to examine into the principles of the late Arrangement of the subalterns in the Connecticut Line do report it as their Opinion that the principles followed by the board of Field Officers in forming that Arrangement are widely different from those pointed out as the basis of such settlement by the board of General Officers convened near Dobb’s ferry in August last, and which they apprehend the said field Officers mistook the meaning of; as they have disregarded the distinction between first and second Lieutenants, intended to have been kept up by the Arrangement of June 1778 and which the General Officers were of Opinion should not be departed from this Board are therefore of Opinion that the said late Arrangement ought not to be conclusive but that it ought to be revised and made consonant to the principles laid down by the General Officers in August last, by which this Board do not conceive it was intended that the rank of Second Lieutenants continued by Brevet should Operate after promotion to a Lieutenancy: except in cases where a second Lieutenant and Ensign have been promoted on the same day.

Altho the third Brigade of Massachusetts which was yesterday reviewed did not in all respects make so good an Appearance under Arms as the other Brigades have done yet the Commander in Chief is disposed to give every favorable allowance on account of the circumstances—He does not impute it as a fault to the third regiment that the men are not supplied with Hatts without which it is impossible for a regiment to make a truly Military figure—he attributes want of exactness in performing some of the Manoevres of the Brigade to the badness of thier position in the mountains which has prevented thier exercising except in detail—he remarks however with pleasure that the Platoon and Batallion firings were performed with more regularity than in the other regiments, and he flatters himself he shall have Occasion at a future review to give the testimony of applause to which the unceasing efforts of both Officers and men shall justly entitle them.

The honorable the Congress have been pleased to promote Brigadier General Knox of Artillery to the rank of Major General in the Army, to take rank from the fifteenth of November last.

Captain Lillie of the third regiment of Artillery is appointed Aid de Camp to Major General Knox—Captain Shaw his former Aid de Camp is continued as such, they are to be Obeyed accordingly—Lieutenant Hunt by mistake appointed to the 9th will join and do duty in the 4th Massachusetts regiment.

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