George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Joseph Walker, 1 June 1782

Stratford 1st June 1782


[I H]ave taken the liberty to write, & enclose the Examination of Daniel Evis, who will be sent to Head Quarters with the Bearer of this; for further Examination, should your Excellency think proper. On further enquiry may be better able to determine the truth of his Story by seeing how it agrees: though I have no particular reason to doubt his honesty.

Should Vann come this way on his return, shall be prepaired to take him; as the matter will be left in such hands, as will be attentive & unsuspected. I am your Excellency’s most obednt Humble Servnt

Jos: Walker

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Stratford May 31st 1782

About the 18th of April 1782 I came from N. York from thence I went to the East End of L. Island & cross over to Lime in the State of Connectt from thence I came to Stratford to my Famely after which I resigned myself up to Capn Jos. Walker on his Excellency’s Proclamation about the 6th May.

Some time last fall, I saw Joseph Vann a Refugee from New Fairfield, at Lloyds Neck with, dispatches from N. York, the Packet amounted to Sixteen Letters. Two of them were directed to Coll. Ethan Allen. Three to Governor Chittendon. Two of the last mentioned, (Vann Said) were from the Governor of N. York. Some of the Letters were for Canada.

Vann was set over upon the Main & passd on to Vermount was gone 3 Months & returned. I then saw Two of his Letters directed to General Clinton, what other Letters he had I could not say.

About the 1st of April 1782 I again saw Vann with another large Packet of Letters passing throw Jamaica to Lloyds Neck; who they were directed to could not tell. I asked him who they were for, he answered the same as before. & from the same Persons, one he mentioned being from General Robbinson.

Since I have been at Stratford am informed Vann passd about a Week after I saw him, & went on to Vermount, is expected back some time this Month.

I also saw one Seele [Peet], a Corporal in Ludlows Corps, receive his Recruiting Instructions about 5 Months since; from the Colonel, to come over to the Main & Recruit, he sent over Hermes Beaman, Thomas Mallery, & Samuel Beardsley, which Peet had enlisted During the War.

Since I came over, have been informed that sd Peet went up with Vann to Vermount.

Vann is a Middle sized Man, short light brown Hair, light Eyes, long snuff Coloured Coat, large white Button, Brown Vest & Breches large Hatt.

Peet is 6 Feet high, well set, light hair long snuff Coloured Coat, Brown Vest, & Breches Boots goes by the Name of Rheuben Peet, a Deserter from the Enemy.

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