George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jean-Louis-Ambroise, chevalier de Villefranche de Genton, 18 May 1782

West point May 18th 1782

According to the Order of his Excellency General Washington of the 12th, I have transmitted the following return to Colo. Hughes Deputy quarter Master.

for platforms for 100 pieces of Cannon & 30 mortars,

29400 feet of Plancks between 2 and 3 enches thick,

880 peices of Timbers 18 feet in length & 6 enches Square.

3000 pick axes,

6000 Spades & Showels,

1[000] Bill hooks

[   ] axes,

20 Crow bars,

19 Sledges,

6000 Sand Baggs.

for a floating Bridge 200 yards long.

[   ] flatt Bottom’d Boats,

2 Cables 200 yards long & from 5 to 6 enches in diameter

4 ancres with Each from 300 to 500, a Cable of 4 or 5 enches Diameter. if the diameter of the cabels is deminished the number of the Anchors must be increased.

8400 feet of planks

240 pieces of Timbers 18 feet Long & 6 enches Square.

as I don’t know if the operations of the Campaign will require any floating Bridges or how many will be wanted, I gave the Quarter Master the Calculation of one, to enable him to procure what is necessary for the Building of those he may receive Orders for.


Major Commanding Engineer

DNA: RG 93—Manuscript File.

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