George Washington Papers

To George Washington from John Glover, 4 May 1782

Marblehead 4th May 1782


The 30th Ulto I had the honor to inform your Excellency, that in Conformity to a resolve of the General Assembly of the 26th, I venturd to Appoint Capt. Carr, a Mustermaster for the Destroit of Wells, Capt. Thorp, for worcester, & Capt. Daniester for Springfield, to muster the recruits that are ordered to rendezvous at those places; but am Sorry to Say, no provision has been made for their Subsistance while on that duty; it was not in my power to make any for them. I am informed the recruits are Coming in fast. at the Same time mention to your Excellency, I had wrote to the Secretary at war, respecting my being Derangd, which I was instanced to, from my then Very Ill State of helth, which Still Continues, nor have I but Little, if any prospect of ever being better; notwithstanding the Great Care, & pains that has been taken to restore it, but all to no effect, for instead of growing better as the Spring Comes on (as was the opinion of my Physicians) I find myself much weaker, my Complaints & Disorders being of Such a Complicated nature, that they have baffaled the powers of medison, as well as the Skill of the most able, & approved Physicians amongst us; who now Tell me it must be a work of time to remove my Complaints and restore me to any [be]tterable helth; my whole fraim being So exceedingly Shatterd & Debillitated and my nervous Sistom So much weakend that were I to gaine a kingdom, I could not ride a journey of twenty miles, nor Can I ride a Single horse five miles without Dismounting four, or five times, to ease the necessary Calls of nature—the Large quantities of bark, and many other restringent Medisons, which I have taken in order to be well and have had Quite the Contrary effect, as almost of [   ] with the food, I have taken in for these four months past, has been thrown off by Urin, & Violent perspiration; and what has Still a further tendency to weaken me, I Cannot get any natural rest, Sleep having almost Totally departed from me, and the night Sweats, which I am Constantly troubled with have almost reduced me to a Skillitan.

your Excellency will hardly Credit it but be Assured Sir, it is an Absolute fact, I have not Slept two hours, upon an Averrage, in twenty four, for these four years past; and Very often after Severe fatigue, I do not sleep a wink for two, or three nights together; these Disorders, & Complaints, I Contracted at the northward, in the Campaign of Seventy Seven; they have been growing upon me ever Since.

yesterday by Letter from of Secretary at War, of the 15th Ulto, in answer to mine of the 16th of March, respecting my being Deranged, I am informd “That no General officers, East of the Delaware, would be Deranged” it was therefore “out of” his power to Comply with my request. This being the Case there is no Alternative Left to give me an Opportunity to attend to my helth, (which my Physicians, tells me must be don, or it will be impracticable if Longer neglected to do any thing for me:) but resigning my Commission, which will be doing Violence to my own feeling at this Stage of the war, as well as manifest injustices, to my family; unless your Excellency Would be pleased to Grant me a further time for the recovery of my helth; which Shall not be one moment Longer than, I find myself able to prosecute my journey on to Camp. I have the Honor to be Sir—your Excellencys Most obdt Hbl. Sert

Jno. Glover

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