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General Orders, 29 April 1782

Head Quarters Newburgh. Monday April 29. 1782

C. Signs

The Contractors for Supplying Provisions to the Garrison of West Point and its Dependencies are after the first of May untill some Alteration is made in the desposition of the Army, to issue to the first and Second Massachusetts Brigades, the third Regiment of Artillery and such other Corps or parts of Corps as may occasionally be Stationed at West Point; they are also to supply the troops at the posts on the Eastern side of the river in that vicinity, the posts of Kings Ferry, Dobbs Ferry and Fish Kill—An issuing Store must also be established by them at Newburgh or New Windsor—The remainder of the troops are to be supplyed under the Contract for furnishing the moving Army.

The Commanding Officer of the Garrison of West Point will upon application of the Contractors give such information as may be necessary, of the number of Rations to be issued from time to time at the Posts above Mentioned.

The System on which Provisions are in future to be issued, First when a regiment independent Corps or Detachment, are to draw Provisions, their proper Quarter Master or some Commissioned Officer appointed in orders to do his duty, shall make out and sign a Provision Return Setting fourth in Colums the Number of Persons, with their Ranks Or Stations, the Number of days to be drawn for, the commencing and ending of the time, both days included, and the number of rations, this Return to be Countersigned by the Commanding Officer of such regiment, Corps or detachment; When the Contractors shall have issued the Provisions and have taken a reciept signed by the proper Quarter Master, or officer doing his duty, by the Commanding Officer of a Detachment, Quarter Master Serjeant or some person in his absence, not under the rank of Serjeant, this return and reciept so executed shall be admitted at the Treasury as a sufficient voucher for the Contractors.

2ndly. All orders for Provisions for General Officers, and the Quarter Master General, and thier families, shall be signed by themselves, or one of their Aids or Assistants; and a reciept signed by the Servant who shall recieve it shall be a Sufficient voucher for the Contractors.

3rdly. No person whatever, in the departments of Quarter Master Genel and of Millitary Stores shall sign any order or return for Provisions, excepting the Heads of those Departments, or such persons as shall be respectively appointed by them to perform this business: of such appointments the Contractors are to have Notice in Writing—No returns are to be made for any but those who are necessarily employed in the said departments and who do not draw Provisions in any other Character The rations allow’d to each individual must be fix’t and the returns must Specify the Number, Stations or occupations of the persons, the numbr of days to be drawn for, the Commencing and ending of the time, both days included, and the Number of rations in the whole; This return with proper reciepts shall be sufficient vouchers for the Contractors—No fatigue rations to be issued in either of the departments of Quarter Masters Generals or Military Stores but by the particular Authority of the Superior Officer, a copy of whose orders must be Transmitted Monthly, with the Contractors Accounts.

4thly. Hospital—No officer or other person whatever, belonging to the General Hospital, shall sign or Countersign any orders or returns for Provisions, or Hospital Stores excepting the Superior Officer of that department at the post or place where such Provisions or stores are necessary to be drawn, such Superior officer shall make out and sign two returns as follows viz, One return for all the Sick and Convalescents under his care, sitting forth the Number of persons, the Number of days to be drawn for, with the commencing and ending of the time, both days included the Number of rations, and at what allowance per day for each class of sick or Convalescents—also pointing out by different lines, what regiments or Corps the persons belong to, This return with a proper reciept, signed by the Steward of the Hospital will be a voucher; he shall make and sign another return for himself and all the Officers and others under his Command or direction, setting fourth the Number of persons with their rank or stations, in distinct Columns, the Number of days to be drawn for, with the Commencing and ending of the time, both days included, and the number of rations, This return with a proper reciept or reciepts will be a voucher—When such superior Officer draws an order for Hospital stores he shall express the Articles in Words at ful length, and the Steward of the Hospital shall sign a proper reciept for them in like words also—No fatigue rations to be allowed any person in the department, except by the order of the Physician or Surgeon Genl, a Copy of which order to be Transmitted with the Contractors Accounts.

5thly. All orders or returns for Provisions, for Prisoners of War at settled Posts must be signed by the Commissary of Prisoners or Town Major, is now to be Countersigned by our Commanding Officer, if any—These returns must shew in proper Columns the Number of each rank and station as also the Women and Children allowed to draw with the Number of rations to be drawn, the Number of days, with the Commencing and ending of the time—No prisoners are to draw more than two thirds of a ration, and that without liquor, saving such who are allowed otherwise by Capitulation; whose whole rations are allowed, Vegitables and other Articles are to be Substituted for the liquor—In no returns is liquor to be drawn for the women with the prisoners, or any Compensation made for it, no Provisions to be drawn for any Prisoners who are out at Work.

6thly. the Commanding Officer of any Corps passing a post, shall sign the Orders for Provisions for such Corps, to be Countersigned by the Commanding Officer of the Post if senior, But for Detachments not Commanded by a Commissioned Officer, the order must be signed by the Officer then Commanding at the post.

7thly, All soldiers acting as Servants with Arms, shall draw with their Corps, and all such soldiers who are annexed to Officers and are without Arms shall be drawn for by the Officers respectively with whom they serve.

8thly, As all the victualling Returns are to be examined and checked at the War Office, in all the returns of Regiments and independent Corps, the absentees will be accounted for on the back of the returns.

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