George Washington Papers

To George Washington from John Noble Cumming, 13 March 1782

Jersey Camp 13th March 1782


We have just received Information that an agreement has been made between Major Barber, a retired officer, and Captn Anderson of the first Jersey Regiment, to Exchange the latters Commisn for the [former] at half pay Which Agreement has been reported to your Excellency, as having met with the Consent and Approbation of all the Officers of the Jersey Line concerned, We beg leave to inform your Excellency that we, the Officers of the Second Regiment, feel ourselves Injured by the above mentioned Exchange as we have neither agreed to it or ever been Consulted upon it, and we doubt not but that Justice which ever has dignified your Charracter, will induce your Excellency to prevent an Exchange, which will greatly injure your very Obedt Servants

J.N. Cumming Lt Colo.

Nath. Bowman Capt.

W. Helms Capt.

Abm Appleton Lieut.

Saml Shute Lt

Cyrus DHart Capt.

Jno. Peck, Lt

A. Weyman Capt.

Benjn Osmun Lieut.

William Shute Ensn

James D. Camp Ensign

Peter Faulkner Ensn

Alamarin Brooks Enzn

Francis [Luse] Ensign

[Jos. Busk] Liut

[Jacob Hyord Ensn]

Jere. Ballard Captn

Direck Land Lieut

[   ] Lt.

Sam. Reading Capt.

[Eamand] D: Thomas Lieut.

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