George Washington Papers

List of Enemy in New York, February 1782

February 1782

A List of Enemy Corps in New York & its Dependencies, with the distribution of them Feby 1782.

Yk Isld
City of New York
40th Regiment
4 Battns Hessn Grenrs
Landgraves Regimt
Knyphausens Do
42 Regiment
E. River Marsten’s [6th Rt]
Donops Regemt
McGowans pass
Prince Charles Do
Regemt Du Corps
Fort Knyphausen
Hannau Regimt
37th Regimt
Arnolds Corps
Yk: Isld
Brooklin Anhault Zerbert
Jamaica 2 Battns Brith Grenr
Flushing 38th Regiment
Ditto 54 Regiment
Narrows Regimt of Brunswk
Hempstead 17th light Dragns
Herricks Hessian Yaugers
Flatbush 3rd Batn Delancy
Ditto Kings Amn Dragns
Hallets Cove Loyal Forresters
Newtown Garrison of Pensa.
Hn Isld
Flagstaff 57th Regiment
Richmond 1st Battn Skinners B.
Flagstaff 3 Battn Do Do
Paulus hook 22d Regt Lt Infantry &
a detacht primy N. Yk

The intelligence from which GW made notes is dated 6 Feb. 1782 and was sent by Elias Dayton with his letter of 9 Feb. 1782.

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