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Estimate of Enemy in New York, February 1782

February 1782

Estimate of Enemy force in New York & its Dependencies with the disposition of it, February 1782

Posts Corps Strength
York Island Garrison of the City 40th British Regiment 200
1 Battalion Hessians 200
2 Battns Hessian Grenadr 1100 1500
Fort Knyphausen 2 Battns Hessians 400 ea. 800
Near Fort Knyphausen 37th British Regiment 300
1 Battn Hessians 350 650
Morris’s House Arnolds Amn Legion 180 H
and 100 Infanry 280
Arnolds Barracks 2 Battalions Hessians 700
Greenwich 42d British—2Battalns 700 4630
Long Island Jamaica 2 Battns British
Grenadrs 800
Ludlows Batn D’Lancys Brig. 800
Flushing Fly 38th Regimt British 300
54th Do Do 400
Robinson Loyal Amn R. 200
Newtown Colo. Thompson Kings
Am. D. 200
Westbury 17th Dragoons Hone & F. 200
Hessian Yagers 350
Hallets Cove Hessians comd. by C: Emek 700
Brookline Loyal Forresters 50 3200
Staten Isld Flagg Staff 57 British Regiment 350
Buskirks 200
Richmond D’Lanceys—late Barter 230
Paulus hook 22d British Regiment 300
100 B. light & lco Hesi. 200
500 1280


It is a doubt whether the Hessians commanded by Emerick are Regimented—They consist of Recruits that came the last summer.

The greater part of the Pensicola Garrison are draughted into other B: Regiments.

It is said by some that there are 4 Battns Hessian Grenadiers—but, be this as it may, it is certain that the total number of them does not exceed 1100.

The deserters brought to New York in the Bonetta were draughted into Arnolds & Thompsons Corps.

Great desertions from Delancys Regt have taken place since this estima[tion] was made.

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