George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Not Assigned, 6 February 1782

Febry 6th 1782

[An] accurate Account of the Cantonements of the several British & Hessian Regiments together with the new raised Corps &c. &c. Observations
40th Regiment New York The Troops that went to Charles Town this Winter was part of the German Recruits that came Last Over and belonged to the Regiments at the southard and [   ] 700 men under convoy of the Charles Town Frigate.
The Hannau Regiment is now under orders for Embarkation supposed for Charles Town or Savanah in Georgia.
The Lyon and several Frigates went to the Hook some time since.
Admiral Digby has hoisted [   ] Flag on Board the Rotterdam of 50 Guns, which with two Frigates is the only Ships of war now in harbour.
The Bedford Prudent and all the other ships of the line left with A. Digby sailed in December supposed for the West Indies.
The 69th Regt went with Admirals Graves & Hood to the West Indies.
4 Batn Hessian Grenadiers Do Do
Landgrave Regiment Do Do
Knyphausen’s Regiment Do Do
42d Regiment Greenwich, York Island
Donops Regiment East River Marston’s Wharf
Regiment Ducorps McGowans pass
Prince Charles Regt Do Do
Losburghs [   ] Fort Knyphausen
Hannau Regiment Do Do
37th Regiment Do Do
Arnolds Corps Do Do
Anhault Zerbet Brucklin
2 Batn British Grenadiers Jamaica L. Island
38th Regiment Flushing L. Island
54th Regiment Do Do
Brunswick Regiment Narrows L. Island
17th Light Dragoons Hempstead L. Island
Hessian Jaugers Herricks L. Island
3d Batn D’Lancys Flat Bush L. Island
Kings American Dragoons Do Do L. Island
Loyal Forresters Hallets Cove L. Island
Garrison of Pensecola New Town L. Island
57th Regiment Flagstaff L. Island
1st Batn Skinners Brigd. Richmond L. Island
[3]d Batn Do Do Flagstaff L. Island
22d Regt Lt Infantry &a } Paules Hook
Detachment from the N. York
Royal Artillery in several
Detachments Viz. K. Bridge
L. Island Staten Island
Paules Hook &c. &c.

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