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To George Washington from William Heath, 30 December 1781

Head quarters, Highlands December 30th 1781.

Dear General,

With mine of the 22d I had the honor to forward the returns of the regiments in quarters here as called for in yours of the 8th. I have since received returns from the New Jersey regiments and invalids. Those from the New Hampshire line, New York line, and Sheldon’s regiment are not yet come to hand—as soon as I receive them they shall be forwarded.

Some time the last winter your Excellency was pleased to order a board of officers to revise the former report of the board of officers on the rank of the captains of the Massachusetts line, some of whom thought themselves injured. The board reported to your Excellency; but an approbation or disapprobation of the report, was never expressed—several of the captains remain very uneasy, and I believe there are very apparent grounds for some of them being so. They are frequently applying to me on the subject. I wish, if your Excellency has no objection to the report, that it may be made known generally; if there are objections to it in a general view, that where there are evident mistakes in the dates of commissions to the injury of others that they may be corrected. It is said captain Haywood of the 6th regiment has a commission dated some months before it ought to have been, by which he takes rank of captain Tisdale of the 3d regiment and captain Ebenr Smith of the 6th, both are older officers. I am informed captain Haywood does not dispute their right, but, having the commission, holds it. This I believe was rectified by the board of officers in their report, but remains as before with the officers and frequently excites uneasiness. I have the honor to be With the highest respect, Your Excellency’s Most obedient servant,

W. Heath

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