George Washington Papers

General Orders, 6 December 1781

Head Quarters Philadelphia Thursday December 6th 1781


A General Court Martial will Assemble at ten o clock tomorrow morning at the city Tavern for the Trial of Major General Howe upon the following Charges exhibited against him by the Delegates of the State of Georgia in Congress by order of the General Assembly of the said state.

Major General the Baron de Steuben will Preside.

General Knox Colonels Stewart Lamb Moylan and Humpton and

Majors Bauman Clarkson Burnet Moore McPherson Galvan and Murnan to attend as Members, and

Captain Walker as Judge Advocate.

1st For sacrificing by his Conduct the Capital of the State of Georgia and the Troops of that State on the 29th day of December 1778 which was the first Causes of the Distresses and Consequences which ensued.

2dly For crossing the Savanna river the "Day succeeding the 29th of december 1778 with the Troops that escaped from Savanna and ordering those at Sun bury and Augusta to do the same leaving the State at the mercy of the enemy without any Continental troops instead of retreating to the back Country and gathering the inhabitants. Whereby the good people of the State were further discouraged and the Country thus abandoned became an easy Prey to the British troops they marching up and taking Post at Augusta and sending Detachments to every Part of the State."

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