George Washington Papers

To George Washington from John Stark, September 1781

? September 1781

Dear General

Since my last, nothing extraordinary has turned up in this department, except seven deserters, who shall be sent to you as soon as possible; and a few tories that have been taken on the frontiers. I inclose you a copy of a letter found with one of them, and am in hopes, by this time, that the writer is a prisoner likewise.

I am informed that forty-seven of the enemy’s Indians are coming down here to make a treaty with us, while their young men are cutting our throats. I think, until their insolence is chastised in a severe manner, we never can expect peace in this quarter. The bearer of this, Major Guather, has found fifty-five shells, twelve boxes musket balls, one vise, and one pair hand-screws in the river near Saratoga. It is reported that the enemy sunk some cannon in the river. I should think a farther search would be necessary, but, by reason of the scarcity of men, it has been neglected. I am, sir, &c., &c.,

John Stark.

Printed Source--Caleb Stark. Memoir and Offical Correspondence of Gen. John Stark, with Notices of Several Other Officers of the Revolution. (1860. Reprint. Boston: 1972)..

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