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To George Washington from Meshech Weare, 13 August 1781

Hampton falls Augt 13. 1781


I am honord with the Receipt of your Excellency’s favor of the 2d Instant informing me of the deficiency of the Levies for the Continental Army, And that none of the Militia had come in from this State; And the critical Situation you are now in, which most Sensibly Affects me. I have the fullest conviction of the necessity of the Army’s being filld up to their full Compliment at this critical Period, and the probable fatal consequences of a failure herein Or in their being properly Supplied. And your Excellency may be Assurd that no Exertions have been wanting on the part of the Executive of the State, for procuring their full quota of Men And Supplies. Immediately on the Acts passing, Orders were issued for Raising the men to compleat our quota of the Continental Army, And for Raising 400 of the Militia to be held in Readiness to march within one week after calld for, Agreeable to your Excellency’s Recommendation in your letter from Wethersfield of the 24th of May. At that time Continental Bills of the new emission had a full currency Among us, And were the Only Medium we had, no provision was made for raising Any Specie, nor was there Any circulateing Among us. Soon after that from some Unaccountable fatality, for what Reason I cannot comprehend, the Continental Bills were Refused by the People in the Massacusetts, to be taken in payment for Any thing, which was Soon follow’d by the Other neighbouring States, And is now wholly rejected, that the Smallest Article of Any kind cannot be purchased with it So that we are now wholly destitute of Any Medium. Hard money we have not, nor can we Obtain Any on Any terms. Had it not been for this unaccountable And Altogether unexpected destruction of Our Currency the only one we had, I doubt not we should have been Able to carry the Acts fully into effect. Excepting in that part of the State which as I mentiond in my letter of the 23d of July, under pretence of Joyning with what they call Vermont, have Refused to raise men or furnish Supplies of Any kind So that there will be a deficiency on that Account of more than a quarter part both of Men And Supplies, untill Congress before whom the matter lies, shall determin upon it. I am not Able to give a perfect Account of the number of Recruits that have been Raisd for filling up the Army the Returns that have been made Amount to 320, but I have had no Returns for more than a month past. As to the Militia we hand not Receivd the least information at what time they were to march And joyn the Army, Untill your letter of the 2d Instant, by which it Appears you had given directions for their Joyning the Army by the 15th of last month which never came to hand, And now by reason of the total rejection of the Continental Currency we find it out of our power to raise money sufficient to carry them to the Army, So that the executive find themselves bro’t to a full Stop, unable to proceed Any further, And thereupon have sent out Orders for conveneing the General Assembly As Speedily As May be Who are to meet the 22d Instant to consult what measures are to be pursued in our present Situation. It is with Anxious concern that I am Obligd to give your Excellency this information of Our present Situation, I will Still hope that some method may be found out to extricate us from our present Embarrasments, with Respect to a medium. As our Militia cannot March untill the general Assembly meet, I will Ask the favor of a line from you as Soon as may be, whether it will be of Advantage to forward them at that late Period. I have the honor to be with every Sentiment of Respect Yr Obt and Humle Sert

Meshech Weare

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