George Washington Papers

Order of March, June 1781

c.June 1781

Order of March for the Right Column of the American Troops

who are to move by the Right.

Colo. Scammell Colo. Sheldon 1st Sheldons Infantry
2 York Levies
3 Sheldons Cavalry
Scammell 4 Light Infantry

N.B.—This is the order of March during night [in] the day the

Cavalry will preceed the Infantry.

For the left Column—Marching by the Right on the Sawmill

river Road.

Majr Genl Parsons 1st Van Guard
2 a field piece
3 first Cont. Brigade
4 Secd Cont. Brigade
5 a field piece
Majr Genl Lincoln 6 a field piece 7 first Massts
Brigade 8 Second Do Do
9 a field piece
10 Sappers & Miners
Majr Genl Howe 11 Field piece
12 New Hamp Brige
13 third Mass Do
14 Twelve pounder
15 Intrenchg Tools—Bat Horses, Canteens &ca.
16 Rear Guard

The spare ammunition of each division is to be in the rear of the division it belongs to.


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