George Washington Papers

General Orders, 30 June 1781

Saturday June 30th 1781

Parole Gilford
Countersigns Hallifax

For the Day Tomorrow

Major General Parsons

Lieutenant Colonel Sherman

Major Oliver

Inspector 2d Massachusetts brigade

The General expects the pleasure of forming a junction with the French Army in the course of two days and as it is his Wish to have the American Line as full and as respectable as it is in the power of our number to make it, he desires that no officer will be absent from Camp except those who are upon Detachment or other unavoidable public duty and directs moreover that the commanding officers of Corps will make a point of it to have all their men in the line who are not absent in consequence of General orders or upon such other public duty as cannot be dispensed with.

The General flatters himself that it is unnecessary to exhort the officers to be careful in seeing that the men with their Arms accoutrements and ammunition are in good order—But when so happy an occasion presents itself to call forth the ambition of the officer and the pride of the soldier he hopes a bare hint will be sufficient.

Major Platt having resigned the office of Deputy Quarter master to the Main Army Lieutenant Colonel Dearborn is appointed in his room and is to be respected accordingly.

The Detachment under Major Porter to be relieved—As these Men will be employed on the Lines it is requested the Detachment may be composed of men who are the most capable of active service.

An orderly serjeant from each Division to be sent to the Adjutant General’s Quarters daily.

After Orders

The French Army does not come to this ground and as the General is desirous of showing all the Respect in his power to those Generous Allies who are hastening with the Zeal of Friends and the ardor of Soldiers to share with us the fatigues and dangers of the Campaign, He purposes to receive them at some other convenient place and for this purpose will march the whole Line of the American Army now at this encampment at three o’ clock on Monday morning next.

The Rout, the Disposition and Order of March will be given to Major General Lord Stirling and as it is possible the march of the French Troops may be impeded by unavoidable accidents the General Desires that Officers and Men will take with them their Blankets and a spare shirt and a sufficiency of Provisions ready cooked to last ’till thursday inclusive especially of Bread.

The Picquets Camp Guards Officers Guards and every man that is able to march will appear in the line except a few of the most indifferent who may be left to take care of the baggage of each Brigade which ought to be drawn into as narrow a Compass as may be, that the least possible number may suffice to Guard it.

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