George Washington Papers

Estimate of Forces, 22 May 1781

Weathersfield May 22d 1781

New Hampshire 2
Massachussetts bay 10
Rhode Island 1
Connecticut 5
New York 2
New Jersey 2
22 400 8,800
Hazens Regiment 200
State Regiment of Connect 2 600
Regiments of Artillery 2 800
A legionary Corps Sheldon .300
Deduct from the above 10,700

For garrisons West point 750
Now with the Marqs de la
Fayette—Light Infantry 1200
For the Northern & Western
Frontier of New York which it
is supposed will be much harrassed 500
_____ 2,450

Which leave of Continental Troops
that are engaged, some for the War—
some for three years only— almost
the whole of them Raw Men but under
good Officers 8,250

This not only possible, but
probable that the above 8250 Men
if New York shd be the declared, or
apparent object might be increased 2,000

This is also presumed, that under
the like knowledge or expectation
there would be want of Militia

The Enemy’s strength at New York
consists of Regular Troops 4,500
Refugees 1,000
Militia 2,000

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