George Washington Papers

Enclosure: List of Officers for Virginia Regiments in the New Army, 21 May 1799


List of Officers for Virginia Regiments in the New Army

[c.21 May 1799]

Seventh Regiment of Infantry.

+ Accepted.

º Declined.

Blanks, not heard from.

Field Officers.
+   William Bentley Lieut: Colo. Powhatan
+ 1 Robert Beale Major Maddison
+ 2 James Baytop Major Gloucester County
+ 1 Daniel Ball Captain near Richmond
+ 6 Van Bennet Lieutenant Shepherds Town
+ 8 Andrew M. Lusk Ensign Fredericksburg
 9 Edmund Clark Captain
+ 8 John Brahan Lieutenant Winchester
+ 9 James Brown Ensign Staunton
+ 4 John Davidson Captain Richmond
º 1 Robert Carrington Lieutenant
+ 7 John Heiskel Ensign Woodstock
+ 2 Archibald Randolph Captain Goochland Ct House
+ 10 Brewer Goodwin Junr Lieutenant Isle of Wight near Smithfield
+ 4 William Potts Ensign Petersburg
 3 Bartholomew Dandridge Captain ditto
+ 2 Felix Wilton Lieutenant Hardy County
+ 2 Marcus Combs Ensign Winchester
º 5 Thomas Turner Captain
+ 5 Jesse Ewell Junr Lieutenant Dumfries
+ 3 George Armistead Ensign near Alexandria
+ 6 William Campbell Captain Lee County
+ 7 Joseph Grigsby Lieutenant Rockbridge Co: Lexington
º 10 William Deane Ensign
+ 7 Thomas Greene Captain Fredericksburg
+ 4 Addison Armistead Lieutenant Alexandria
+ 5 Horatio Stark Ensign Stephensburg
+ 8 Robert King Captain Hanover
 9 Samuel J. Winston Lieutenant
+ 6 Peter Lamkin Ensign Colchester
+ 10 James Caldwell Captain Wheeling
+ 3 Calvin Morgan Lieutenant Staunton
+ 1 Jesse Dold Ensign Staunton
Cavalry Officers belonging to Virginia
Lieutenant Colonel.
John Watts not heard from
John Tayloe under consideration
John B. Armistead near Alexandria accepted
Charles F. Mercer will not accept
First Lieutenants
George Washington Craik Alexandria accepted
Laurence Washington King George accepted
Second Lieutenants
Charles Tutt Culpepper accepted
George W. P. Custis Mount Vernon accepted
Carter B. Fontaine Dumfries accepted
Eighth Regiment
Field Officers
+   Thomas Parker Lieut: Colo. Frederick
   Simon Morgan Major Fauquier
+   William Campbell Major Orange
+ 1 Presley Thornton Captain Northumberland
+ 1 Francis Fouchee Lieutenant Ditto
 10 Charles MCallister Ensign Spotsylvania
+ 2 Robert Gregg Captain Culpepper
+ 7 James Duncanson Lieutenant Ditto
+ 1 James Tutt Junr Ensign Ditto
+ 3 Henry Pearcy Captain Fairfax
+ 2 Lemuel Bent Lieutenant Ditto
+ 8 Obadiah Clifford Ensign Ditto
+ 4 Nathaniel Henry Captain Berkley
+ 8 Robert Gustin Lieutenant Ditto
+ 2 Simon Owens Ensign Ditto
+ 8 George S. Washington Captain Ditto
+ 3 George Tate Lieutenant Ditto
+ 6 George W. Humphreys Ensign Ditto
+ 7 Richard Chinn Captain Loudoun
+ 4 Charles ⟨J.⟩ Love Lieutenant Ditto
+ 3 John Crane Junr Ensign Ditto
+ 8 Garnet Peyton Captain Stafford
+ 10 John G. Brown Lieutenant Green Brier
º 9 Strother Settle Ensign Frederick
+ 9 Daniel C. Lane Captain Loudoun
+ 9 John William⟨s⟩ Lieutenant Ditto
 7 John C. Williams Ensign Prince William
+ 10 Philip Lightfoot Captain Culpepper
+ 5 Thomas Jameson Lieutenant Ditto
 4 Charles Shackleford Ensign Ditto
+ 5 Edmund Taylor Captain Frederick
+ 6 John Campbell Lieutenant Ditto
 5 Willis Wills Ensign Loudoun

Those with this mark + have accepted.

with this mark º have declined.

without any have not been heard of.

D, DLC:GW. The numbers to the left of the men’s names indicate their relative position within their respective ranks in each regiment. The manuscript has a column on the far right in the listing of the officers of the 7th and 8th regiments which simply provides the information that every man was from Virginia. This column has been omitted here.

An earlier version of this list in Charles Cotesworth Pinckney’s hand, dating probably from the conclusion of the meeting of GW, Alexander Hamilton, and Pinckney in Philadelphia in December 1798, is in DLC:GW placed at the end of December 1798. A comparison of the two lists indicates that between December 1798 and May 1799 seven changes had been made. In the 7th Regiment, Van Bennett, John Heiskel, Felix Wilton, and Marcus Combs had been entered in place of, respectively, Thomas Opie, Gerard Roberts, Robert Temple, and Alexander Henderson. In the 8th Regiment, Charles MCallister, Nathaniel Henry, and Willis Wills replaced Reuben Thornton, William K. Blue, and John Thornton Fitzhugh. See the Editorial Note to the list of Candidates for Army Appointments from Virginia, November 1798.

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