George Washington Papers

Suggestions for Military Appointments, 14 July 1798

Suggestions for Military Appointments

Mount Vernon 14th July 1798

Officers suggested for Appointments in the augmentation proposed1

Majr Genls

  • Alexr Hamilton—Inspector
  • Chas C. Pinckney
  • Henry Knox, or if either refuses
  • Henry Lee


  • Henry Lee (if not M. Genl)
  • John Brooks [1752–1825], Massts
  • Wm S. Smith—or
  • John E[ager] Howard [1752–1827]

Adjt Genl

  • Either Edward Hand [1744–1802]—Penna
  • Jonathan Dayton, Jr. N.J.—or
  • Willm S. Smith

Qr Mastr Genl

  • Edward Carrington

Directr Hospl

  • James Craik

The following, as far as my recollection serves are among the most intelligent and active Officers of the late American Army2

New Hampshire None recollected at present
Massachusetts [Lt. Col.] David Cobb [1748–1830] very good
[Col.] Henry Jackson [1747–1809]
[Maj.] Leml Trescott [1750–1826] good
[Maj.] Caleb Gibbs [c.1750–1818] good
[Lt. Col.] Andrew Peters [1742–1822]
[Maj.] Hodijah Baylies [1756–1843]
Rhode Island [Lt. Col.] Jerh Olney [1749–1812] very good
[Col.] Henry Sherburn [1747–1824] good
[Maj.] Willm Blodget [1754–1809]
[Maj.] Jno. S. Dexter [1754–1844] good
[Maj.] Willm Peck [1755–1832] Do
Connecticut [Col.] Philp P. Bradley [1738–1831] good
[Lt. Col.] Thos Grosvener [1744–1825]
[Col.] Elisha Sheldon [1740–1805]
[Lt. Col.] Ebenezr Huntington [1754–1834] good
[Maj.] Benj: Talmadge [1754–1835] very good
New York [Lt. Col.] Ebenezr Stevens [1751–1823] good Exec. Office
[Maj.] Nichs Fish [1758–1833] very good
[Maj.] Mathw Clarkson [1758–1825] Do
[Cap.] William North [1755–1836]
[Lt. Col.] Benj. Walker [1753–1818] good
New Jersey [Lt. Col.] Jno. Cummings [1752–1821]
[Lt. Col.] Anthy W. White [1750–1803]
[Maj.] Jos[ep]h Bloomfield [1753–1825]
[Brig. Maj.] Aaron Ogden [1756–1839] very good
Pennsylvania [Col.] Fran[ci]s Johnson [1748–1815]
[Lt. Col] Fran[ci]s Mentges [d. 1805]
[Col.] Thos Robinson [1751–1819]
[Maj.] Willm McPherson [1756–1813] very good
[Maj.] Willm Alexander [no dates] good
[Maj.] Thos Ll Moore [1759-c.1813]
[Maj.] Willm Jackson [1759–1828]
Delaware None at present recollected
Maryland [Col.] Josias C. Hall [1746–1814]
[Lt. Col.] Nathl Ramsay [1741–1817]
[Lt. Col.] Nichs Rogers [1753–1822]
[Maj.] Leven Winder [1757–1819]
[Lt. Col.] Jno. Eccleston [1750–1789]
[Lt. Col.] Aquila Giles [1758–1822] now N. York
Virginia [Col.] William Heth [1750–1807] very good
[Lt. Col.] Willm Darke [1736–1801] rough
[Col.] Burges Ball [1749–1800]
[Maj.] Jos[ep]h Eggleston [1754–1811]
[Col.] Benj: Temple [c.1734–1800/2]
[Lt. Col.] Richd C. Anderson [1750–1826]
[Col.] James Wood [1750–1813] Governor
[Lt. Col.] Jonathan Clark [1730–1797]
North Carolina None recollected
South Cara [Lt. Col.] Willm Washington [1752–1810] very good
[Board of War] Edwd Rutledge [1749–1800] Do
[Maj.] Thos Pinckney [1750–1828] Do
Georgia None recollected

There may be among the foregoing some of bad political principles, and others whose true characters I have mistaken—and the whole of them require to be investigated.

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ADS, MHi: Adams Papers; ADS (letterpress copy), DLC:GW; copy, in the hand of Tobias Lear, NN: Washington Papers. This was written on the reverse of GW’s answers to McHenry’s queries of this date.

1GW sent the names of these men suggested for senior appointments in the augmented regular army to Alexander Hamilton on this date. See note 4 to that letter.

2The title inserted in brackets before the name of each man is the highest rank in the Continental army that he reached.

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