George Washington Papers

From George Washington to William Pearce, 13 December 1795

To William Pearce

Philadelphia 13⟨th D⟩ecr 1795

Mr Pearce

Your letter of the 6th instt, enclosing the weekly reports, has been duly received.

I am glad to find by it that the sickness among my people is abating. If Cyrus continues to give evidence of such qualities as would fit him for a waiting man, encourage him to persevere in them; and if they should appear to be sincere & permanent, I will receive him in that character when I retire from public life, if not sooner. To be sober, attentive to his duty, honest, obliging & cleanly, are the qualifications necessary to fit him for my purposes. If he possesses these, or can acquire them—he might become useful to me, at the sametime that he would exalt, & benefit himself.

When you receive the money for my last years flour & Corn, I wish that every demand, of whatsoever nature or kind, may be discharged. I never like to owe any thing, lest I might be call⟨e⟩d upon for payment when I am not possessed of the means. A Dun, would not be agreeable to me, at any time; and not to pay money when it is due, and might really be wanting, would hurt my feelings.

Wheat in this market is at from 15 to 20/. pr bush., and flour thirteen dollars and an half pr barrl. Probably this may be occasioned by the desire of shipping it before the frost sets in, to stop the Navigation. I therefore request that the Miller would exert himself in grinding mine; and if you can get the above price (allowing for the deduction of freight from Alexandria to this City) to sell, on a reasonable credit, all the flour he has, or can get ready, at that price.

I will make enquiry for Sein twine and if it is to be had on better terms here than in Alexandria, and a Vessel offers (which is not the case at present) I will send a quantity round.

Two more mules (altho’ they may be older than the four now up) may be turned over to Peter—Let him chuse those which are most promising, & nearest in colour. I am Your friend &ca

Go: Washington

ALS, ViMtvL.

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