George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Edmund Randolph, 13 January 1795

From Edmund Randolph

Department of State January 13. 1795.

The Secretary of State has the honor of submitting to the President two representations from the director of the mint; one containing the expenditures of the quarter, preceding the first day of the present year;1 and the other, containing an estimate for the present quarter.2 The two have been forwarded to the Secretary in order that he may request the President to issue a warrant accordingly.

AL, DNA: RG 59, Miscellaneous Letters; LB, DNA: RG 59, Domestic Letters; LB, DNA: RG 59, GW’s Correspondence with His Secretaries of State.

1The enclosed account of expenditures for the previous quarter, dated 12 Jan., totaled $5,994.51. Of that amount, $1,125.78 was spent for wages to laborers who worked in the “coining business,” not including pay for a melter and an assistant engraver. The sum of $3,118.73 was paid “For Incidental and contingent expenses and repairs of the mint,” while $1,750 was the “Amount of unsatisfied Claims.” Director David Rittenhouse noted that additional “Claims for Castings, bricklayer’s and Carpenter’s work, Stationary &c.” were “not yet presented for Settlement” (DNA: RG 59, Miscellaneous Letters).

2On 12 Jan., Rittenhouse estimated the following expenses for the quarter that began on 1 Jan. 1795: $2,350 for the salaries of officers and clerks, plus $1,500 for wages to laborers, including an assistant engraver and a melter; $750 for “Wages of mechanics including millwright work”; $1,650 for ironwork, lead, wood, coal, stationery, office furniture, and “other contingent expenses”; and $1,750 in unsatisfied bills from the last quarter, for a total of $8,000 (DNA: RG 59, Miscellaneous Letters).

GW instructed Alexander Hamilton on 14 Jan.: “Pay to the Director of the Mint Eight thousand Dollars; to be applied to the purposes of that Establishment, agreeably to an Estimate exhibited by the said Director of the probable expenses of the Mint of the United States for the present quarter commencing the 1st Instant” (LB, DLC:GW).

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