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From George Washington to the U.S. Senate, 29 December 1794

To the United States Senate

United States December 29th 1794.

Gentlemen of the Senate.

I nominate the following persons for the promotions to which they are intitled in the legion of the United States. Nominations for new appointments may hereafter be made.

Leonard Covington Captain   vice Fleming deceased
John Webb ditto 20 August 1794 vice Ms Campbell killed
John Posey Lieutenant   vice Covington promoted.
William H. Blue1 ditto   vice Dunn deceased
Matthias Slough Junr ditto 20 August 1794 vice Webb promoted
First Sub Legion2
Bernard Gaines Captain 30 June 1794 vice Kersey promoted
Bartholomew Shomberg ditto ditto vice Hartshorne killed
John Wade ditto  1 July vice Peters promoted.
Ross Bird ditto  6 July vice Jeffers resigned
Third Sub Legion
William MacRea Captain   vice Hannah deceased
Fourth Sub Legion
Thomas Butler Lieut. Col.  1 July 1794 vice Clark resigned
William Kersey Major 30 June vice McMahan killed
William Peters ditto  1 July vice Butler promoted

The following persons having been conditionally appointed by me during the recess of the Senate to perform the several Offices herein after mentioned I now therefore nominate them for the advice and consent of the Senate–

Artillerists and Engineers
William Aylet Lee Virginia Captain vice Williamson declined to rank from 12 July 1794.
Michael Kalteisen South Carolina do vice Pitkin do do 18 July
Donald Grant Mitchell Connecticut do vice Morris do do 8 August
David Hale Vermont Lieutenant vice Yates do do 17 July
Theophilus Elmer New Jersey ditto vice Dinsmoor resigned do ditto
William Wilson Maryland ditto vice Drinkwater declined do ditto
Horatio Dayton New Jersey ditto vice Ripley ditto do ditto
William Morris Georgia ditto vice Habersham ditto do 29 July
George Hardy Virginia ditto vice Barton ditto do ditto
Ensigns to fill vacancies in the Sub Legions
Jonathan Remington Massachusetts vice Sullivan declined to rank from 17 July 1794
John W. Thompson ditto vice Jackson ditto ditto ditto
Edward Voss Virginia vice Bradley ditto ditto ditto
Edward Chatham Maryland vice Hoyt ditto ditto 1 August
Yelverton Peyton Virginia vice Hoge ditto ditto ditto

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LS, DNA: RG 46, entry 38; copy, DLC:GW.

The Senate considered these nominations on 30 Dec. and approved them, “except those of the Artillerists, Engineers and Ensigns in the Sub-Legions, postponed for further information.” On 7 Jan. 1795, the Senate disapproved the nomination of William Aylett Lee and approved the remaining appointments (Senate Executive Journal description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America: From the commencement of the First, to the termination of the Nineteenth Congress. Vol. 1. Washington, D.C., 1828. description ends , 167, 169). War Department chief clerk John Stagg, Jr., wrote GW’s secretary Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., on 13 Jan. 1795: “The Secretary of War requests that you will please to obtain the President’s signature to a few commissions for the officers of artillerists which were suspended until the Senate should confirm their appointments” (DLC:GW). GW signed those eight commissions on 14 Jan. (JPP description begins Dorothy Twohig, ed. The Journal of the Proceedings of the President, 1793–1797. Charlottesville, Va., 1981. description ends , 325).

1GW was referring to William K. Blue.

2Because the nominations for the First Sub Legion failed to account for the resignation of Capt. James Clay, the commissioning of the following four officers was suspended, and GW sent revised nominations to the Senate on 12 June 1795.

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