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From George Washington to the United States Senate, 9 May 1794

To the United States Senate

United States May 9th 1794

Gentlemen of the Senate.

I nominate the following persons for promotions and appointments in the legion of the United States.

William Winston Major 17 July 1793 vice Rudulph resigned.
Tarlton Fleming Captain 1 May vice Bowyer resigned.
Solomon Van Rensselaer do 17. July vice Winston promoted.
James Taylor do 20. February 1794. vice Lee cashiered.
John Webb Lieutenant 1. May 1793. vice Fleming promoted.
George H. Dunn do 17. July vice Van Rensselaer do
Abraham Jones do 20. February 1794 vice Taylor do
George Ingersol Captain 2. April 1793 vice McLane resigned.
First Sub Legion.
Thomas H. Cushing Major 3 March 1793 vice Armstrong intitled to promotion & resigned.
James Clay Captain 5 December vice Pratt resigned.
Daniel Britt do 13 December vice Melcher do
Hamilton Armstrong do 20. February 1794. to fill the vacancy left for John Morgan in case of acquittal but who was dismissed by sentence of a Genl Court Martial
Henry Montfort Lieutenant 5 December 1793. vice Clay promoted.
Jacob Kreemer do 13 December vice Britt promoted.
Daniel Bissell do 3. January 1794 vice Bond resigned
Charles Hyde do 20. February 1794. vice Armstrong promoted
Second Sub Legion.
Samuel Andrews Captain 3d March 1793. vice Cushing promoted
Daniel Tilton Junr do 1. October vice Shaylor ditto.
Edward D. Turner do 11 Novemr vice Tillinghast
intitled to promotion & resigned.
Theodore Sedgwick do 29. Decemr vice McDonnough cashiered
intitled from 24th October vice Bird resigned intitled to promotion from 28. February 1793 vice Roberts promoted.
John Sullivan do 20 March 1794 vice Haskell promoted
Isaac Younghusband Lieutenant 21. February 1793. vice Tillinghast
intitled to promotion & resigned
Samuel Drake do 28. February vice Bird intitled to promotion and resigned
Peter Shoemaker do 3. March vice Andrews promoted.
Jesse Lukens do 1. October vice Tilton promoted.
John Michael do
1. May 1794. }
1. May
1. May
1. May.
1. May.
the oldest ensigns in the
the respective sub Legions
taken to supply the
deficiency of Lieutenants
in this Sub Legion
Nanning J. Vischer do
Robert Lee do
Archibald Gray do
Charles Lewis do
Third Sub Legion
Henry Gaither Lt Col. Commr 1. October 1793. vice John Smith
intitled to promotion & resigned
Richard Brooke Roberts Major 28 February vice Bedinger resigned
Joseph Shaylor do 1. October. vice Gaither promoted
John Read Captain 12 Novemr vice Kerr resigned.
William Rickard do 30 January 1794. vice Faulkner resigned
Samuel Tinsley do 9 February vice Cummins cashiered
Peter Marks Lieutenant 10. September 1793. vice William Smith
Charles Wright do 12 November 1793 vice Read promoted
Andrew Shanklin do 30 January 1794. vice Rickard promoted
Samuel Davidson do 9 February vice Tinsley ditto
Hartman Leitheiser do 23 February vice Huston deceased.
Fourth Sub Legion.
Jonathan Haskell Major 20 March 1794 vice Ballard Smith
Robert Thompson Captain 19 April 1793 vice Buchanan resigned
Maxwell Bines do 10 February 1794. vice Carberry do
Jonathan Taylor Lieutenant 26 March 1793 vice Steedman do
Robert Purdy do 19. April vice Thompson promoted
Campbell Smith do 10 Septem. vice Jennifer dismissed
Hugh Brady do 10 February 1794 vice Bines promoted.
Stephen Trigg do 3. March vice Glenn resigned
The Promotions and resignations occasion a vacancy of Three Cornets, One Lieutenant of Artillery and thirty seven Ensigns—to fill which the following nominations are made. the arrangement to the several Sub Legions will take place after advices shall be received of the acceptances of the appointments.
John Posey to take rank from 1. May 1793 Virginia
William H. Blue do 17. July
Matthias Slough Junr Pennsylvania
Lieutenant of Artillery
Frederick Dalcho Maryland.
William Dangerfield to take Rank from 1. May 1793 acting as Ensign w. Genl Wayne
Thomas Swaine } serving as Volunteers with Major General Wayne
Joseph Campbell
Richard Chandler
Rezin Webster
Samuel Dolt
George Sullivan New Hampshire
John McClary ditto.
Jonathan Jackson Massachusetts
Samuel Bradley ditto
Epaphras Hoyt ditto
Benjamin Rand ditto
Henry Sterling Rhode Island
Ephraim Carpenter Connecticut
David Fero Junr New York
James Richmond Junr New Jersey
Nicholas Rosencrantz Pennsylvania
Jonathan Hoge do
Robert Semple Junr do
James Nicolas do
William Cox Maryland
Abraham Faulkner Junr ditto
John Martin Pennsylvania
William Smallwood Grayson Virginia
David Thompson ditto
George Strother ditto
Thomas Lewis ditto
Henry Bowyer ditto
Thomas Bodley Kentucky
William Smith ditto
William McCarrell North Carolina
Hugh McCall South Carolina
Daniel McIntosh Georgia
Edwin Harris ditto
Samuel Speak North Western Territory
Peter Frothingham do
Samuel Fulton South Western Territory

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LS, DNA: RG 46, Third Congress, 1793-95, Senate Records of Executive Proceedings, President’s Messages—Executive Nominations; LB, DLC:GW.

The Senate confirmed these nominations on 12 May (Senate Executive Journal, 156). George Sullivan, Jonathan Jackson, Samuel Bradley, Epaphras Hoyt, and Jonathan Hoge declined their appointments.

1GW was referring to William K. Blue (d. 1802) of Virginia, who served in the dragoons until 1796. In April 1800 he was appointed a captain in the infantry, but he was discharged later that year.

2No record of service by John Martin has been identified. GW may have intended to nominate Charles Martin, who became an ensign in the 2d sublegion in May 1794 and was promoted to lieutenant in 1797 before resigning in June 1798.

3GW may have meant William P. Smith (d. 1801) of Pennsylvania, who became an ensign in the 3d sublegion in May 1794 and rose to the rank of captain before his death.

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