George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Harriot Washington, 24 March 1794

From Harriot Washington

Fredericksburg [Va.] March 24, 1794

I received the box which contained the thing’s My dear Uncle was so kind as to send me, how shall I express my gratitude to my beloved Uncle for so much kindness.1 I hope my dear Uncle will not be displeased if I beg him for as much money, as will make my great coat, & will purchase thread and tape to make my linnen, I am affraid you will attribute my not making my great coat to laziness, but I can assure you I would make it with a great deal of pleasure, as it wuld save you the trouble of sending money, if I could get it cut out. but there is not a Taylor in town that will cut it out unless we will consent to let them make it. I was very much in want of a few thing’s some time ago, & was obleiged to borrow 24 shilling’s from Aunt Lewis. she is in want of money just now and wishes me to pay her; I shall be much obleiged to you for as much as will do that.2 Aunt Lewis join’s me in love to you and Aunt Washington. I am my dear Uncle Your affectionate Neice

Harriot Washington.

ALS, ViMtvL.

1For Harriot’s request for the linen and other material contained in the box, see her letter to GW of 5 March.

2Betty Washington Lewis reported in her letter to GW of 13 April that the requested money had been safely received.

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