George Washington Papers

To George Washington from the United States Senate, 24 January 1794

From the United States Senate

In Senate January 24. 1794.

Congress of the United States.

The Senate resumed the consideration of the motion made the 17th instant, together with the amendment proposed on the 23d respecting the correspondences which have been had between the Minister of the United States, at the republic of France, and said republic:1

And on motion to agree to the resolution amended as follows:

Resolved, that the President of the Ud States be requested to lay before the Senate the correspondences which have been had between the Minister of the United States at the republic of France, and said republic; and between said Minister and the Office of Secretary of State.

It passed in the affirmative { Yeas 13.
Nays 11.

The yeas and nays being required by one fifth of the Senators present—those who voted in the affirmative are,

Mr [Stephen R.] Bradley [Vermont], Mr [James] Jackson [Georgia],
" [John] Brown [Kentucky] " [John] Langdon [New Hampshire],
" [Aaron] Burr [New York] " [Alexander] Martin [North Carolina],
" [Pierce] Butler [South Carolina] " [James] Monroe [Virginia],
" [John] Edwards [Kentucky] " [Moses] Robinson [Vermont]
" [Albert] Gallatin [Pennsylvania], and
" [Benjamin] Hawkins [North Carolina], " [John] Taylor [Virginia]

Those who voted in the negative are—

Mr [William] Bradford [Rhode Island], Mr [Samuel] Livermore [New Hampshire]
" [George] Cabot [Massachusetts], " [Stephen M.] Mitchel[l Connecticut],
" [Oliver] Ellsworth [Connecticut], " [Robert] Morris [Pennsylvania],
" [Theodore] Foster [Rhode Island], " [Caleb] Strong [Massachusetts],
" [Frederick] Frelinghuysen [New Jersey], and
" [Ralph] Izard [South Carolina], " [John] Vining [Delaware].

Ordered, that the Secretary lay this resolution before the President of the U. States.

Attest Sam. A. Otis—Secretary.


1The original motion of 17 Jan. was that the secretary of state “be directed” to lay the desired correspondence before the Senate, while the amendment proposed on 23 Jan., and adopted the next day, “requested” the president to submit Gouverneur Morris’s official correspondence (Annals of Congress description begins Joseph Gales, Sr., comp. The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States; with an Appendix, Containing Important State Papers and Public Documents, and All the Laws of a Public Nature. 42 vols. Washington, D.C., 1834–56. description ends , 3d Cong., 1st sess., 34, 38).

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