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Enclosure: Resolutions from the Morris County, New Jersey, Citizens, 10 September 1793


Resolutions from the Morris County, New Jersey, Citizens

[10 September 1793]

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the County of Morris, held at the Courthouse in Morris Town agreeably to public notice on Tuesday the 10th of September 1793.

Brigadier Genl Jno. Doughty was chosen Chairman & William Campfield Secretary.1

The following resolutions were agreed to


1. It is the unanimous opinion of this meeting that the prosperous circumstances of our Country are owing under Divine Providence in a great measure to the wise, prudent & discreet management of its affairs by the Legislative & Executive departments of Government agreeably to the directions of our invaluable constitution.

2. That the late Proclamation issued by the President of the United States, reminding his fellow citizens of the obligations they are under by Treaties, as well as interest, to avoid every act of hostility against any of the European powers now at War & requiring all magistrates to exert themselves to prosecute & punish offenders, together with his instructions to the revenue officers of the union, are additional proofs as well of his zeal & affection to his fellow Citizens, as of that political foresight & wisdom in the management of our public affairs by which he has so often benefited his Country.2

3. That this meeting highly disapprove of the interference of any foreign power or influence, if any have or shall be made with the internal police of our Government & that we do view every such interference as an insolent affront & derogatory to the Dignity and Independancy of our Country.3

4. That this meeting will at all times chearfully support the Executive authority of the United States with their lives & fortunes, while it continues to manifest so strict an attention to the best interests of the union.

5. That the Chairman transmit the foregoing resolutions to the President of the United States & that the same be published in the Newark & Elizabeth town papers.4

a True Copy
William Campfield Secretary

Jno. Doughty


1William Campfield (Canfield; 1766–1812), a 1784 graduate of Princeton, was a Morris County physician. He served as Morris County sheriff, 1797–99, acted as a captain in the Morris County unit of the state cavalry, 1798–1807, and represented Morris County in the New Jersey general assembly, 1799.

2This resolution is referring to GW’s Neutrality Proclamation of 22 April.

3This resolution is aimed at the activities of French minister Edmond Genet.

4The resolutions were printed in the New-Jersey Journal (Elizabeth) of 18 Sept. and in Woods’s Newark Gazette and Paterson Advertiser of the same date.

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