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From the Citizens of Alexandria, Virginia, to the President of the United States, The Address of the Inhabitants of Alexandria and its Vicinity, 4 July 1793

From the Citizens of Alexandria, Virginia, to the President of the United States, The Address of the Inhabitants of Alexandria and its Vicinity1

Alexandria [Va.] July 4th 1793


That America should remain in peace and enjoy the blessings of their free government undisturbed by European concerns We believe to be the earnest desire of every wellwisher to our Country, and We feel the most cordial satisfaction in expressing to you our conviction of the Wisdom of the part you have taken to preserve the publick repose and happiness—In declaring by your proclamation the conduct which ought to be pursued by the people of the United States towards the Belligerent powers of Europe,2 a new instance was presented to your fellow Citizens of your Vigilance in discharging the important duties of your Station, And you have exhibited to the Nations of the World a striking proof of the candour and justice which governs the politicks of the Republick over which you preside, Sincerity good faith, and truth are Virtues belonging to the Republican character. We rejoice that they have been cherished and practised in the Administration of our Government, And We confide that a steady and manly adherence to them will furnish an example of a people living under a Republican form of Government that will meet with the approbation of all Mankind and be productive of universal happiness.

Accept Sir, our Assurances that individually our Conduct shall be regulated on every occasion by that Spirit of Amity and impartiality which you have enjoined.3

By Order of the Meeting.

Dennis Ramsay Chairman


1For the 29 June invitation asking GW to attend Alexandria’s 4th of July celebration and GW’s acceptance, see GW to Alexandria Citizens, 1 July, and note 1.

3GW’s reply to the citizens of Alexandria of this date reads: “Deeply impressed with the important advantages, which the United States will experience by remaining in peace, during the present contest among the powers of Europe; it is with the highest satisfaction that I receive this manifestation of your wishes for the preservation of that invaluable blessing: and the approbation which you express of the measures which have been taken to secure a continuance of our present happy situation. To complete the american character, it remains for the citizens of the United States, to shew to the world, that the reproach heretofore cast on Republican Governments for their want of stability, is without foundation, when that Government is the deliberate choice of an enlightened people: and I am fully persuaded, that every well-wisher to the happiness & prosperity of this Country, will evince by his conduct, that we live under a government of laws; and that while we preserve inviolate our national faith, we are desirous to live in amity with all mankind” (LB, DLC:GW).

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