George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Mary Endress, 27 March 1793

From Mary Endress

Elkton, Md., 27 Mar. 1793. Asks GW “to Recollect, that About two years ago, a girl had boldness Enough, to Request 5 dollars of you, to buy a lottory ticket with, wich Request your Excellency ⟨gr⟩aciously granted.1 I gaind nothing, but have sav’d money fro⟨m t⟩ime to Time to pay my Deabt honostly, I hope by my Restoring the Mony, your Excellency will let my boldness, sink to oblivion. . . . And my prayer shall be directed to heaven, for long life, and uninterupted hapiness, to our Country’s Father”

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