George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Thomas Jefferson, 25 March 1793

From Thomas Jefferson

[Philadelphia] Mar. 25. 1793.

The Director of the mint having given in to the Secretary of state a general statement of the monies hitherto received for the mint, to wit 15,000 Dollars from the Treasury, and 170.25 D. the proceeds of certain articles sold, as also of the expenditures of the mint amounting to 16,233.46 D. with an application for a further sum of 5000. Dollars the same are respectfully laid before the President.1

Th: Jefferson

ALS, DNA: RG 59, Miscellaneous Letters; ALS (letterpress copy), DLC: Jefferson Papers; LB, DNA: RG 59, George Washington’s Correspondence with His Secretaries of State; LB (photocopy), DLC:GW.

1Earlier on this date David Rittenhouse, the director of the U.S. Mint, had written to Jefferson: “I am again obliged to request you to make application to the President for a further Sum of money to defray the Expences of the Mint (5000 Doll[ar]s if he shall think proper) and have enclosed a consise Statement of the expenditure of sums heretofore granted, which you will be pleased to communicate to him. The accounts, as preparing by the Treasurer of the Mint [Tristram Dalton] for settlement to the end of this month, will be much more particular and bulkey. But I thought it best to arrange them for the Presidents View in such a manner as should exhibit the whole at once with as much regularity as possible” (DNA: RG 59, Miscellaneous Letters).

Rittenhouse enclosed his:

“Account of Expenditures for the Purposes of The Mint of The United States
Dolls. Cen[ts]
For purchasing two Lots of Ground together with a Dwelling House, Still House, with two large Copper Stills &ca 4266.67
For erecting two New brick buildings, Furnaces, a Frame Mill House & Stable &c. Vizt
Scantling, Boards, plank, Shingles 775.44
Stone 106.56
Lime &ca 184.22
Bricks 751.21
Sand, Haling 72.88
Bricklayer’s Bill 688.12
Carpenter’s Do 683.44
Stone Cutter’s Do 21.65
Nails, Hinges &ca 128.83
Iron Stoves, Sheet Iron 77.81
Printing & Glazing 92.13
Pump Maker 36.31
Smith’s work done out of The Mint for the buildings and Machinary 760.0⟨6⟩
Castings of Iron, Brass, wooden Patterns for
Do Bar Iron and Steel
Mill-Wright’s Bill, not yet complete 345.7⟨5⟩
Ironmongery 148.⟨28⟩
Coals and Fire wood 275.1⟨3⟩
Provisions, Spirits &ca for raising The several Buildings and for Labourers 158.8⟨0⟩
Horses, Oxen, and Harness for Do 194.7⟨8⟩
Hay, Oats, Shorts &ca for Do 74.6⟨1⟩
Lead, Tin, Black Lead Muffles & Pots, Weights, Brushes, Expence of Assaying &ca 121.6⟨8⟩
Incidental Expences of Offices, Advertisments &ca 111.0⟨2⟩
Labourers employed at The Buildings & Works & Mechanics from July 1st to December 31st 1792 including many small Articles 924.1⟨6⟩
Labourers, Mechanics &ca Employed from January 1st to March 16th 1793 725.4⟨4⟩
Cash advanced for Sundry Articles 50.00
For Copper purchased 1920.17
Officers Salaries and Clerk’s Pay in part to December 31st 1792 1694.88
Received on The President’s warrant of July 10th 1792
 "   on   Do   Do "  November 29th 1792
 "   for Sundry Appurtenances of The Distillary, sold
Ballance, The Mint in advance 1063.25

(DNA: RG 59, Miscellaneous Letters; the numbers missing on the mutilated manuscript are supplied in angle brackets from LB, DNA: RG 59, George Washington’s Correspondence with His Secretaries of State).

For GW’s response, see Tobias Lear’s letter to Jefferson of this date.

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