George Washington Papers

Enclosure: Nominations of Commissioned Officers, 6 March 1792


Nominations of Commissioned Officers

[Philadelphia, 6 March 1792]

✻Edward Butler Allegany County
✻John Guthrie Westmorland
✻Richard Sparks1 Allegany.
✻William Faulkner Washington.
Uriah Springer Fayette
John Cook Northumberland.
✻William Smith Washington.
✻John Cummings Westmorland.
✻Samuel Vance2 Fayette.
✻Nathaniel Huston Washington.
William Steedman Northumberland.
✻Daniel T. Jennifer Allegany.
Robert Purdy3 Mifflin
John Kelso Dauphin.
Robert Lee Northumberland.
John Steele Cumberland.
David Hall Westmorland.
Reason Beall4 Washington.
Benjamin Biggs Ohio County.
✻John Crawford Ohio
Thomas Lewis Bottetourt.
William Lewis Wythe.
Hugh Caperton Green-briar
✻James Stephenson5 Berkley.
✻James Glenn Berkley.
Robert Craig Russell.
William Clark Louisville, Kentucky.
John Boyer6 Bottetourt.
✻Benjamin Lockwood Ohio.
Benjamin Strother Culpepper.
Patrick Shirkey Bottetourt.
Archibald Gray Green-briar
Stephen Trigg Kentucky.
James Hawkins Bottetourt.
Baker Davidson Bath.
Hugh Brady7 Ohio.

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DS, DNA: RG 46, Second Congress, 1791–1793, Records of Executive Proceedings, President’s Messages—Executive Nominations; LB, DLC:GW. At the bottom of the list appears the footnote: “Those with this mark ✻ served with reputation in the levies last year.”

1Richard Sparks (d. 1815), who had been a captain of the levies of 1791, served as a captain in the U.S. Army until 1806. He was promoted to major in July 1806, lieutenant colonel in December 1807, and colonel in July 1812. Sparks was honorably discharged from the army in mid-June 1815.

2Samuel C. Vance (d. 1830) was promoted to captain in July 1797, and he served as deputy paymaster general from July 1799 until April 1802.

3Robert Purdy (d. 1831) was promoted to lieutenant in April 1793 and to captain in March 1799. Although he resigned from the army in 1803, Purdy returned to the service in 1809 with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was promoted to colonel in August 1812, and he was honorably discharged from the army in mid-June 1815. He later served as federal marshal for west Tennessee.

4Reasin Beall (d. 1843) served as an ensign in the U.S. Army from March 1792 until January 1794. In 1812 Beall was a brigadier general of the Ohio volunteers.

5James Stephenson (1764–1833) resigned his commission as a captain in the U.S. Army in December 1792. He served in the Virginia house of delegates 1800–1803 and 1806–7 and was a Federalist congressman 1804–5, 1809–11, and 1822–25.

6John Boyer (Bowyer) was promoted to captain in January 1799, major in December 1808, lieutenant colonel in July 1812, and colonel in March 1814. He retired from the U.S. Army in June 1815.

7Hugh Brady (d. 1851) was promoted to lieutenant in February 1794. After resigning from the army in October 1795, he returned to the service as a captain in 1799–1800. In July 1812 Brady became a colonel in the U.S. Army, and ten years later he was brevetted a brigadier general. Brady was promoted to major general in May 1848.

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