George Washington Papers

Enclosure: Nominations for Vacancies, 3 March 1791


Nominations for Vacancies

March 3d 1791

Nominations for Promotions and Appointments.

First Regiment.

Major David Zeigler vice Wyllys killed.

Major Richard Call vice Parker declined. Virginia.


Thomas Doyle vice Zeigler promoted.

John Armstrong vice Mercer resigned.

John Pratt vice Heart promoted.


Cornelius Sedam vice Doyle promoted.

John Jeffers vice Frothingham killed.

Abner Pryor vice Armstrong promoted.

Asa Hartshorne vice Heart promoted.

Thomas Seayres vice Steele declined.

Appointments Daniel Britt Pennsylvania.
Hamilton Armstrong ditto
Bartholomew Shomburg promoted from Serjeant Major
Bernard Gaines Virginia
John Wade Pennsylvania
Ross Bird ditto.
Second Regiment
Lieutenants Colonel Commandant John Doughty New Jersey
1. Major Lemuel
Trescott Massachusetts.
2. Major John
Burnham ditto
3. Major Jonathan
Heart Connecticut


  • 1 Robert Kirkwood Delaware.
  • 2 Thomas Hunt Massachusetts.
  • 3 John Mills ditto
  • 4 John Pray ditto
  • 5 Richard Brooke Roberts South Carolina.
  • 6 John H. Buell Connecticut.
  • 7 David Sayles Rhode Island.
  • 8 Jonathan Cass New Hampshire.
  • 9 Constant Freeman Massachusetts.
  • 10 Patrick Phelon ditto
  • 11 Thomas H. Cushing ditto
  • 12 Joseph Shaylor Connecticut


  • 1 Samuel Newman Massachusetts.
  • 2 Bezalael Howe New Hampshire.
  • 3 Henry Sherman junr Rhode Island.
  • 4 Daniel Bradley Connecticut
  • 5 John Platt Delaware
  • 6 William Richard Massachusetts.
  • 7 Richard Surcomb Howe ditto
  • 8 Richard Humphrey Greaton Massachusetts
  • 9 John Higgenson ditto
  • 10 Winslow Warren ditto
  • 11 Russell Bissell Connecticut.
  • 12 Francis Huger South Carolina.


  • 1 Martin Brimmer Sohier Massachusetts.
  • 2 Richard Edwards ditto
  • 3 Edward Miller Connecticut
  • 4 John Thomson ditto
  • 5 George Tillinghast Rhode Island.
  • 6 Joseph Smith Gilman New Hampshire.
  • 7 Joseph Peirce junr ditto
  • 8 David Cobb junr Massachusetts.
  • 9 Joseph Dickinson South Carolina.
  • 10 Thomas Duff Delaware
  • 11 Edward Turner Massachusetts
  • 12 Theodore Sedgwick 3d ditto

Surgeon William Eustis Massachusetts.

Surgeons Mate Joshua Sumner Connecticut.

Surgeons Mate John F. Carmichael New Jersey.

The Battalion of Artillery.
Major Commandant William Ferguson vice Doughty promoted.
Captain Mahlon Ford vice Ferguson promoted.
Lieutenants Daniel McLane vice Moor dead
Abimael Youngs Nicholl vice Fowle dead.
George Ingersoll vice Ford promoted.

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DS, DNA: RG 46, First Congress, 1789–1791, Records of Executive Proceedings, President’s Messages—Executive Nominations; LB, DLC:GW.

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