George Washington Papers

Tobias Lear to Henry Knox, 18 November 1789

Tobias Lear to Henry Knox

United States. November 18th 1789


I am directed by the President of the United States to transmit to you the enclosed letters which have been received by him, and which come properly under the cognizance of the Secretary of War.

The letters enclosed are as follows, viz.

one from Samuel McDowell, as chairman of a committee of a Convention in Kentuckey, upon Indian Affairs in Kentuckey, and containing a list of sundry tribes of Indians not included in any treaty between the United States and Indian tribes, dated Da[n]ville July 26th 1789.1

One from Daniel Smith, relative to the Chickasaw nation and enclosing a list of depredations committed by Indians on the Inhabitants of Cumberland since may last—dated Miro District on Cumberland River in North Carolina Augt 23d 1789.2

One signed by a number of respectable Inhabitants of Kentuckey recommendg the Mountain leader a Chickasaw Chief—dated Septr 8th 1789.3

One from Jos. Martin relative to the Chickasaw nation &c—lands claimed by John Brown &ca—dated Long Island of Holston Septr 25th 178[9].4

one from Piamingo or the Mountain Leader, a Chickasaw Chieef, requesting a supply of powder & ball for his nation—dated Richmond October 30th 1789.5 I have the Honor to be with perfect respect Sir, Your most Obedient Servant

Tobias Lear
Secretary to the President of the United States.

ADfS, DLC:GW; LB, DLC:GW. It is possible that some of the letters cited in Lear’s letter to Knox were not addressed to GW.

2Letter not found. GW included an abstract of this letter in his Memoranda on Indian Affairs, 1789. Daniel Smith (1748–1818) was a resident of Sumner County, N.C. (now in Tennessee), and a prominent surveyor. The North Carolina legislature appointed Smith in 1784 to lay out the town of Nashville. In the late 1780s he was a commissioner for Sumner County, a brigadier general in the Mero District militia, and a member of the North Carolina Ratifying Convention. In June 1790 GW appointed him secretary of the Southwest Territory.

3Letter not found, but see entry under that date.

4Letter not found. This letter is dated 25 Sept. 1788. GW included an abstract of it in his Memoranda on Indian Affairs, 1789.

5Letter not found.

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