George Washington Papers

Farm Reports, 16–22 August 1789

Farm Reports

A Meteorlogical account of the weath<er> kept at Mount Vernon 1789.

[Mount Vernon, 16–22 Aug. 1789]

16th Mercury In the morng 80 Calm Clear Noon 86 S. Wt Clear. Night 86 S. Wt Cloudy and sprinkle of rain

17th Morng 72 S. Wt Clear. Noon 75 N. Et Clear. Night 75 S. Et Clear, in the night a fine rain

18th Morng 70 S. Et Cloudy. Noon 73 N. Et Clear. Night 73 Calm Clear.

19th Morng 69 No. light rain. Noon 72 No. Thunder Showers Night 72 N. Wt Clear.

20th Morng 70 Calm Clear. Noon 75 N. Wt Clear. Night 75 Calm Clear.

21st Morng 71 Calm Clear. Noon 76 N. Et Hazy. Night 75 Et Clear.

22d Morng 70 N. Et Clear. Noon 73 N. Et Clear. Night 72 N. Et Clear.

Weekly Reports Augt 22.

Dr River plantn for the work of 7 Men 17 Women 3 Boys & 1 Girl amtg per week to days 162
Cr By plowg in Wheat in No. 8 42
By harrowg ground after the plows 6
By haulg in Oats 7 days at Mill 1 ditto (drove by 2 persons) 16
By loadg Carts with grain 4
By Stackg Oats 6
By suckg Topg and wormg Tobacco 14
By weedg Carrots & Potatoes 10
By breakg and swingling Flax 14
By grubg in No. 8 16
By Cleang Wheat 4
By sowg Wheat in No. 8 3
By threshg Wheat 14
By hoeing up ground for turnips 2
By sickness Natt 4 days—Peg 5 Esther 2  11
Total 162

Recd from the Mill 9¼ Bushls Meal sent to ditto 17 Bushls Corn 3 Bushls wheat sent to Mill for House use—deliverd the people for grinding in the hand Mill 4½ Bushls Corn sowd in No. 8–50 Bush. Wheat—Stock 95 head Cattle 139 head Old Sheep 53 Lambs. 17 workg Horses

Dr Dogue Run plantn for the work of 7 Men & 11 Women amtg per week to days 108
Cr By plowg between the Corn in No. 7 10
By plowg in wheat in No. 6 10
By haulg poles & straw for brick House and rails to enclose brick House 7 days 1 ditto at Mill 8
By weedg Carrots in No. 4 18
By weedg Potatoes in ditto 6
By topg and suckg Tobacco 10
By Cleang Wheat 6
By tendg treadg out wheat 6
By pickg pease 4
By ripg the Mill meadow fence along the Clover 4
By Cutg poles and makg Scaffold for Tobacco 4
By loadg Carts with poles and straw 6
By sickness Siller 6 days. Lucy 4 ditto Brunswick 6  16
Total 108

Recd from the Mill 8¾ Bushls Meal sent to ditto 8 Bushls Corn Sent to Muddy hole 300 sheafs of Oats for Horse fead—1 Cart & tumbril load to Mansn House—Increase 1 old white face red Cow called the Camp Cow sent to the meadow to be fatned on acct of old age 9 Calves sent from the house—decrease 1 Spring mare Colt from the young Sorrel broad Mare got out of the Mill meadow into the Clover field and fell into a well at Berrys house—Stock 56 Head Cattle 99 Old Sheep 37 Lambs 10 workg Horses 1 Spring Colt—Sow’d in No. 6. 9 Bushls wheat.

Dr Muddy-hole Plantn for the work of 3 Men & 10 Women amtg per week to days 78
Cr By plowg in wheat in No. 4 15
By harrowg over ditto 5
By Cart haulg Mud which had been got from the Swamp in No. 3 to the poor parts of No. 2 1
By tendg treadg out wheat and Stackg Straw 10
By weedg Carrots 12
By weedg potatoes 18
By suckg wormg & topg Tobacco 9
By grubg up s[p]routs &c. in No. 4 8
Total  78

Decrease 1 Ewe by sickness. Recd from the Mill 5½ Bushls Meal deliverd for sowg 6 Bushls wheat to D: Run—Sow’d in No. 4 12½ for Bushels wheat. Stock 22 head Cattle 18 Old Sheep 5 Lambs 9 workg Horses—2 Spring mules—23 Wethers and 4 Steers from D: Run—3 ditto Steers from Mansn House—2 ditto from the Ferry.

Dr Ferry & Frenches plantns for the work of 7 Men 16 Women & 3 Boys amtg per week to days 156
Cr By plowg between the Corn in No. 1 at Frenches 12
By plowg in wheat in No. 2 at the Ferry 31
By harrowg over ground in No. 2 at ditto after the plows 6
By Cart ½ a day at Mill 1/2
By Cleang Oats and Wheat 5
By thresg and Cleang wheat 26
By weedg and hilling Corn in No. 3 at the Ferry 36
By weedg suckg & topg Tobacco 24 1/2
By assistg in landg Scantg 2
By Sickness Doll 6 days—Lucy 4 ditto Sabeen 3 ditto 13
Total 156

Recd from the Mill 11¼ Bushls Meal Sent to ditto 10 Bushls Corn Stock 82 Head Cattle 100 old Sheep 28 Lambs 18 old Sheep from R. plantn 16 workg Horses 2 ditto Mules 2 spring ditto—Ferriages 21/.

The wheat sown this week at the Ferry in No. 2 amounts to 36 Bushls ¼th & ⅛th being of different kinds are sown and distingud in the followg manner—3 Bushls of the Common wheat was sown along the Ditch ranging with the Ferry road the ground being subject to overflow in very wet weather and therefore unsafe to seed in designed for future sowg—a vacancy left between each kind, and distinguished by stakes—this the common wheat between No. 1 & 2. Next to it 14 Bushls of the bearded wheat raised at Manleys in drills between stakes No. 2 & 3—Next this between stakes No. 3 & 4 are 10 Bushls white plain wheat raised in drills at ditto next to it between stakes No. 4 & 5 are 4 Bushls 1 peck & ⅛th English wheat raised on Stony hill at the Ferry—next to it 4½ Bushls of Cape Wheat raised in Drills at Manleys—this distinction will be continued throughout the field untill the different kinds of wheat are finished—the experiments of the Cape wheat heretofore made have been unsuccessful but deemed it well to give a small quantity of it one more trial—the above wheat has been sown under the most favorable circumstances—the ground in a fine moist state and well pulvarised by a good plowg—and harrowing—The Buck wheat if possessed of the properties of manure must in this field discover its powers having been turnd in early and in a very succulent state much of it sprung up and was turned in at the time of sowg—the wheat—of the Bearded wheat raised in Drills below the stable there was 4 B. ¾ which was sown on Monday morng at the Ferry next the Cape wheat in a good part of the field. this wheat after cleaning I found was a little injured by the flye—and the only wheat ⟨in⟩ which I have discoverd ⟨it⟩; this may have arisen from the warmth of the place it was in (the Granary) I mean the early appearance of them—as I presume they were propigated before the grain was cut.

Dr Mansn House for the work of 14 Men 8 Boys & 6 Girls amtg per week to days 162
Cr By Waggon haulg wood for the Lime kiln 1 day rails to enclose the Brick yard 2 ditto to Hepburns Mill 1 ditto Stuff for the Coopers 1 ditto Stocks for the Sawyers & wood for Coal Kiln 1 ditto 6
By Cart haulg lime & sand to Brick yard 6 days 1 ditto haulg Rails sand tables &c. to Brick yard at D: Run 4 10
By makg up straw—makg Splits Coverg brick House & splitg and tying on Laths 17
By Cutg wood for burng Bricks Shells & Coal 6
By makg mortar, cleang yards, putg up fence and makg bricks 15
By loadg Waggon with Stocks 1
By weedg Carrots and Potatoes, wormg and suckg Tobacco 28
By workg on the Road from the House to the White Gate 18
By beatg out seed & wheat 9
By tendg brick Layers & Joiners 24
By beatg bark 3
By tendg Dairy 2
By setg a Lime Kiln and beatg Bark 6
By weedg Lucern 6
By tendg Stock and sifting Lime 6
By tendg Mares & Colts 6
By Sickness Joe 2 days Anthony 6
Total 168

Recd from the Mill 9 Bushls Meal 38 Old Sheep 18 Lambs 3 Wethers 39 Horses 5 last Spring Mules 1 ditto 2 year old ditto 4 ditto spring ditto—3 ditto spring Colts—2 ditto Spring Jennies 3 ditto old ditto 3 ditto Jacks. 1 ditto Spring ditto.

Dr Joiners & Carpenters for the work of 5 Men amtg per week to days 30
Cr By Thomas Green 3½ days shingling the Shed and putg in the blades of the Dormond Windows and the mouldings round it strikg the scaffolds and putg them up again 1½ day getg a walnut log and prepg it and makg 1 pr Brick Moulds—1½ day assistg in landg scantg and plank and numberg it 6
By Thomas Mahony ½ day makg 1 pr Brick Moulds 4½ Shingling, abt the Dormond window strikg and putg up scaffolds hewg and putg on wall plates 6
By Isaac putg a new set of spokes in the Mansn House waggon Wheel—stuff got and a new plow made for Frenches plantn 2 new axle tires got for the waggon and one made—1 pr Shafts got for the tumbril Cart 1 piece mortis’d & put in 6
Cr By James and Sambo Stockg and Sawg—80 Laths 16 feet long 4 breakg Cuts 16 ditto 10 Inches deep 480 feet 12
Total 30
Dr Ditchers for the work of 6 Men amtg per week to days 36
Cr By Ditching in D: Run Swamp compleated 7 for Roads 6
By mortisg and hewg posts finished 132 11
By sawg off timber 2
By Cutg rail Stuff 2
By maulg Rails 2 1/2
By mortisg posts finished 6 7 1/2
By hewg & tenantg Rails finished 600 5
By sickness. Charles 2 days. Boatswain disabled by boils & beatg back 5 days 7
Total 36
Mill Grist Dr Wheat Corn Rye
Remg in the Mill 5 13½
To Toll this week 5
To River Plantn 18
To D: Run plantn 13
To Ferry & Frenches 10
Contra Cr B. Ml R: Ml
Bran for
By R: Plantn ½
By D: R: plantn
By Muddy hole
By Ferry & Frenches 11¼
By Coopers & Miller 1
By John Knowles ¼
By Mansn House 10
46  ½
Dr Coopers for the work of 3 Men amtg per week to days 18
Cr By getg 300 Tobacco Hoggshead Staves 340 pieces headg 500 flour Barrel Staves 15
By stopg leakes in the Race  3
Total 18

D, in the writing of George Augustine Washington, DLC:GW.

This report and other similar accounts were sent by George Augustine Washington and GW’s later managers on a weekly basis during GW’s absences from Mount Vernon. During the presidential years GW clearly read the reports carefully and used them in preparing his detailed instructions to his managers on the administration of his plantations during his absences. In comparison to their numbers, relatively few of these reports have survived. An earlier report, one for the week of 19–25 April, which was probably enclosed in George Augustine Washington’s letter to GW of 27 April, contains similar information to this report and is in DLC:GW.

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