George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Annis Boudinot Stockton, 1 May 1789

From Annis Boudinot Stockton

Princeton [N.J.] the 1st of May 1789


Can the muse, can the freind forbear! (for oh I must Call thee friend, great as thou art) to pay the poor tribute she is capable off, when she is so interested in the universal Congratulation—I thought I Could testify my Joy when I saw you—but words were vain, and my heart was so filled with respect, love, and gratitude, that I Could not utter an Idea.

Be pleased to accept the enclosed sentiment of veneration, and add another oblagation to those, you have already confered, on your much obliged, and obedient Servant.

A. Stockton


Oft times when rapture swells the heart,

Expressive silence can impart

More full the joy sublime

Thus Washington my wondering mind

In every grateful ardor joined

The words were out of time.

The muse of morvens peaceful shade

Gave way to all the gay parade.

For transport of her own.

She felt the tear of pleasure flow

And gratitudes delightful glow

Was to her bosom known.

Triumphul arches, gratulating song

And shouts of welcome from the mused throng,

Thy laurels can not raise

We raise our selves exalt our name

And in the scroll of time we claim

An intrest in thy bays.

For erst on hudsons whiten’d plain

Where the blue mists enshroud the slain

And heroes spirits came

Anxious to seal thy future fate

Each on his cloud in awful state

Pronounc’d thee good as well as great

And fill’d thy cup of fame.

While we the favorites of heaven

To whom these western climes are given,

And halcyon days await

May bless our selves, and bless our race

That God by his peculiar grace

Chose thee to rule the state.

Fame as she flies her trump shall sound

To all the admiring nations round,

And millions yet unborn

Will read the history of this day

And as they read will pause and say

Here nature took a turn.

For in the annals of mankind

Who ever saw a compact bind!

An Empires utmost bound

Who ever Saw ambition stand!

Without the power to raise her hand

While one the people crown’d.

ALS, DLC:GW. The enclosure is also in DLC:GW.

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