George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Samuel Thurber, Jr., 10 September 1788

From Samuel Thurber, Jr.

Providence R. I., 10th Sept. 1788

Dear Sir,

Being Informed that the State of Virginia is Endeaviouring to entroduce diferant species of Manufactrey & I cannot learn that the Article of Paper is Manufactried there, I as being acquainted with that buisnis am induced (as I would wish to be in a place whire there is some encouragement) to lay a Request before your Excellency (knowing of no other Man who is so great a friend to all that is Good) It is that I may be informed wheather a Conveniant seat for a Paper Mill may be had, in that, highley favoured State, & wheather a Substantial Friend may be found who will assist, in Errecting such a Mill, I am unable to do it & indeed unable to seek after my desires, therefore I am Constraned to trouble the Man, who nothing but the fullest assurance of his being one of the greatest & best of Friends to his Countrey & to all Mankind, would have emboldened me to have done it, pardon Oh pardon such a peace of presumtion, in One who with all Sincerety wishes nothing more, then, that Heaven will ever continue to power down upon that Eloustrious Head every desired Blessing. I am, Dear Sir, with all Submission your Excellency’s Devote, Most Obt & Very Humbe Sarvt

Saml Thurber Junr


Samuel Thurber, Jr.’s paper mill was in the “North-End of Providence” (United States Chronicle [Providence], 29 Sept. 1785). Thurber (1724–1807) erected the mill in 1780 and in 1812 it was converted to a cotton manufactory.

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