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To George Washington from George Richards Minot, 7 August 1788

From George Richards Minot

Boston 7th August 1788


Permit me to offer for your perusal, a copy of the History of the late Insurrections &. in Massachusetts. The share which you had, in the great and glorious events of America, must interest your feelings in all subsequent transactions; and, I hope, this little narrative will not be unacceptable to you, as a continuance of information, upon the important subject of domestick History.1

The difficulty of stating facts on the spot where they happen, and under the view of the actors, will readily occur; and must be my apology with you in reading the book. If this circumstance however, has had influence in checking the remarks of the writer, I hope it has had none, in the relating of the events, which is the part wherein the publick are most concerned.

General Lincoln has kindly offered to introduce my production to your notice; and, my confidence in the goodness of your character, has led me to anticipate a favourable reception to an effort, which was dictated by a love of truth, and a wish to preserve the reputation of the country.2 With the highest respect, I am, Sir, Your most obedient, & most humble Servant,

George Richards Minot


George Richards Minot (1758–1802) studied law under William Tudor and was appointed clerk of the Massachusetts house of representatives in 1781. From January to February 1788, he served as secretary of the Massachusetts Ratifying Convention.

1William Tudor had sent GW a copy of Minot’s history of Shays’ Rebellion on 26 July. See also GW to Minot, 28 August.

2Minot’s letter was sent from Boston under cover of the following letter to GW of 9 Aug. from Benjamin Lincoln: “I congratulate your Excellency on the adoption of the new constitution by your State and thank your Excellency for the information It is important to all that New York has at last come in. Things remain much as they were in this State—I have no doubt but that the people here will embrace the new constitution. Your Excellency will receive herewith Mr Minots history of the late rebellion in this State—He is a Gentleman of the Law and has I think done as much justice to the subject as could be expected whilst the different parties are all on the stage” (DLC:GW).

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