George Washington Papers

General Orders, 21 November 1780

General Orders

Head Quarters Totowa Tuesday November 21st 1780

Parole Verona Countersigns T. U.
Watchword Valor.

[Officers] For the day Tomorrow[:] Brigadier General Wayne[,] Lieutenant Colonel commandant Smith[,] Lieutenant Colonel Peters[,] Major Maxwell[,] Brigade Major Moore

The General having received intelligence that the enemy mean to make a Forage in this State; The Army is to be held in readiness to move at a moments warning: They will keep two days provision cooked before hand—The officers are to remain in Camp and no passes granted to soldiers to go beyond the limits of Camp ’till further orders.1

The Quarter Master General will have orders respecting the horses of the army.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1For intelligence pointing to an enemy forage operation into northern New Jersey, see Lafayette to GW, 19 November. Preparations to confront such an incursion also subserved GW’s offensive plans (see The Aborted Attack on the Northern Approaches to New York City and the Feint on Staten Island, 9–24 Nov., editorial note).

Massachusetts soldier Nathaniel Cowdrey wrote in his diary entry for this date: “orders was Read today for every man to have two days Privisions Coocked, and every Man to Stand Ready at a minits warning to March” (Moulton, “Cowdrey,” description begins Mary A. Stimpson Moulton. “Sketch of the Life of My Great-Grandfather, Nathaniel Cowdrey, of Reading, Mass.” The American Monthly Magazine 4 (January–July 1894): 409–16. description ends 415). In his diary entry for this date, Lt. William S. Pennington of the 2d Continental Artillery wrote that GW had “ordered the Army to be in readiness to march at the shortest notice, with two days’ provisions ready cooked. In consequence of the above order, the horses of the Army are ordered into camp” (Pennington, “Diary,” description begins A. C. M. Pennington, contributor. “Diary of William S. Pennington, of New Jersey, 1780–1781.” Journal of the Military Service Institution of the United States 4 (1883): 314–29. description ends 324).

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