George Washington Papers

General Orders, 15 October 1780

General Orders

Head Quarters Totowa Sunday October 15th 1780

Parole Verona Countersigns Verd, Usk.
Watchword Valor

[Officers] For the Day tomorrow[:] Brigadier General Paterson[,] Colonel Bradly[,] Lieutenant Colonel Robinson[,] Major Hamilton[,] Brigade Major Moore

The Issuing Commissaries are to deliver all their sheep and Calve skins to the field commissary of military stores with the Park of Artillery who will have them properly dressed for Drum heads.

In the present divided State of the Army1 the following is to be the Order of battle:

The Two Pennsylvania and the first and second Massachusetts brigades will compose the first line

The two Connecticut and third and fourth Massachusetts the second line

The right Wing will consist of the Pennsylvania and Connecticut Brigades under the command of Major General Lord stirling and the Left of the four Massachusetts brigades commanded by Major General St Clair

The Light Infantry with the rifle corps under Major Parr and Lee’s Legion will compose the advance Corps of the Army under the Command of Major General Marquis De La Fayette.

An Alarm will be communicated from the Park by two Guns as usual, upon which, or in forming the Order of Battle at any other time, Moy-lan’s dragoons will take post on the right; and the Marechausie with Bedkin’s troop on the left of the first line—The Park will be in the Centre of the second line.

As Head Quarters are somewhat remote from Camp and it is inconvenient for the officers of the day to attend as heretofore, the General dispenses with their attendance while we remain in the present Position, when there is nothing more than common in the report.2 He hopes and expects to have the Pleasure of the company of the relieved officers at dinner as usual at which time their report may be handed in to him.

At a General court martial held at Charlestown (New Hampshire) the 27th of April last—Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Reid president—Brigadier General Jacob Bailey deputy quarter master general at Coos appeared before the Court on the following charge vizt for “Suffering a quantity of Beef at Coos to take damage through his inattention and neglect contrary to his engagements and duty” Plead not Guilty—but no prosecutor appearing to support the charge—the Court adjourn without day Brigadier General Jacob Bailey is released from Arrest.

At a Court of enquiry held at springfield (Massachusetts’) the 18th of April last to examine into the quantity of provisions issued by Mr Matthew Lynes Deputy Commissary of Issues at Coos during the Fall and Winter of 1778 and previous to Colonel Hazen’s arrival there in the year 1779 likewise to enquire to whom, and by whose order, the provisions were issued; after particularly examining Mr Lynes books, orders and Vouchers the court are unanimous in opinion that his accounts of provisions issued during the before mentioned periods, are true; whether he issued by proper authority the Commander in Chief will be able to judge by the return herewith delivered him.

The Commander in Chief is of opinion that Mr Lyne had proper authority for issuing the quantity of provisions specified in the return alluded to by the Court.3

The Brigade Majors of the day will furnish the Captains of the day with the parole and Countersigns on the Grand parade who are to deliver them to the officers commanding the Camp guards of their respective Divisions.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1Part of GW’s army had marched for West Point (see General Orders, 6 Oct., source note).

2GW had moved his headquarters on 8 Oct. to Col. Theunis Dey’s mansion about two miles southwest of camp, then located near the Great Falls of the Passaic River (see General Orders, 8 and 9 Oct.). The mansion served as GW’s headquarters until late November.

3For the investigations and court-martial proceedings involving Isaac Tichenor, assistant commissary of purchases for New Hampshire and Vermont, Brig. Gen. Jacob Bayley, and Matthew Lyne, see Moses Hazen to GW, 8 Feb.; GW to Bayley, 9 March; and General Orders, 16 Oct.; see also Hazen to Timothy Bedel, 16 Oct., in Hammond, Rolls description begins Isaac W. Hammond, ed. Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775, to May 1777. . . [vol. 1]; Rolls of the Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, May, 1777, to 1780 . . . [vol. 2]; Rolls and Documents relating to Soldiers in the Revolutionary War . . . [vols. 3-4]. New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers, vols. 14–17. Concord and Manchester, N.H., 1885–89. description ends , 4:381–82.

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