George Washington Papers

From Major Benjamin Tallmadge to George Washington, 28–30 July 1779

From Major Benjamin Tallmadge

Greenfield [Conn.] July 28th[-30] 1779


Your Excellencys favour of the 25th inst. pr Col. Webb was handed me yesterday—625. [The] Rbcemu [Phials] therein refered to came duly to hand. Previous to which I had 725. [Caleb Brewster] 59̃1. [sent] 440. [over] to 728. [Long Island] for 13̃0. [dispatches] & to convey some 30̃0.1 as well as 23̃0 [guineas] to 722. [Samuel Culper (Abraham Woodhull)] & 723. [Samuel Culper, Jr. (Robert Townsend)] The 35̃6 [letters] are inclosed2 & I shall immediately 591. [send] 432 [off] the 286. [ink] with those standing 30̃0. [instructions] 634. [to] 723. [Samuel Culper, Jr.] Depend on it no mention shall be made by me respecting the 286. [ink]

I am now on my way to Litchfield to bring on our dismounted Dragoons—Shall march them as soon as I arrive.

30th 3 oClock—in the morning

725. [Caleb Brewster] has just returned from 728. [Long Island] with the 16̃7. [enclosed] 356. [letter] from 723. [Samuel Culper, Jr.]

With the Respect to the fleet which your Excellency mentions to have sailed Eastward thro’ the Sound on the 21st I find that a fleet of about 32 Sail mostly very small Vessels did pass thro’ the Sound about that time supposed to be bound for No. Sc.—No Troops on board as I can learn.

With respect to Sir Ge. Collier having left the No. River; the enclosed letter from C—perhaps may be satisfactory.3

ADf, CtLHi. The words in square brackets are supplied from Tallmadge’s code dictionary (see Tallmadge to GW, 25 July, n.2).

1At this place on his draft manuscript, Tallmadge first wrote “instructions.” He then struck out that word and worte “300.” above the line. Tallmadge apparently made an error when he wrote “300.” with a flourish over it because that word in his code dictionary is for a form of “intrust” while “298” represents a form of “instruct.”

2See Samuel Culper’s letters to Tallmadge of 9 and 15 July, and Samuel Culper, Jr., to Tallmadge, 15 July, printed as enclosures to this letter.

3In the portion of Tallmadge’s letter written on 30 July, both references to an enclosed letter from Samuel Culper, Jr., refer to Culper, Jr., to John Bolton, 29 July, printed as an enclosure to this letter.

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