George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Major General Alexander McDougall, 28 June 1779

From Major General Alexander McDougall

West Point 28th June 1779


Early in the Spring, when it was apprehend; a Scarcity of flour would take place; the Ration of a pound and a Quarter (published at the Plains) Reduced to one Pound; and ordered half a Gill of Rice to those who should be on fatigue. And a Quarter of a Pound Salted beef to all as a Compensation for the flour stopt. The Rice is now expended; and the fatigue men Complain of the insufficiency of the Bread.1 I beg to be informed, what is the Ration of every species delivered to the Grand Army; and your Excellencies permission to Issue one pound and a quarter flour to the men o[n] fatigue, if I cannot get them Satisfied without. or any directions on the Subject which shall appear to you necessary to advance the Service. I have the Hono⟨r⟩ to be your Excellencies Hble Servant.

ADf, NHi: McDougall Papers.

1At this place on his draft manuscript, McDougall first wrote “Provision.” He then struck out that word and wrote “the Bread” above the line.

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