George Washington Papers

General Orders, 8 June 1779

General Orders

Head-Quarters Smith’s Tavern [N.Y.] Tuesday June 8th 1779.

Parole Middlesex—C. Signs Milan—Milford.

Returns of shoes actually wanted by the troops on this ground to be made forthwith to Head-Quarters.

The officers will see that their men clean & refresh themselves this day.

When multiplicity of business prevents the Sub-Inspectors from attending for general orders, the Brigade Majors of the division will alternately carry them to the officers commanding divisions.

All the Axxes in the several Brigades to be ground & put in the best order immediately.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

The Loyalist Royal Gazette (New York) for 23 June printed a report that reads: “Mr. Washington, by our latest accounts, was on the 8th instant still serenely embowered at Smith’s Clove, most of his artillery at Ringwood, and about 300 of his dragoons at Kakiate, his Magazines only at Trenton, from whence, with incredible fatigue and difficulty, subsistence is lugg’d up to about 4000, of all forts, that are now with him in his Alpine retreat; the rout for his provisions is through Morris-Town, where they say is a considerable store of camp equipage.”

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