George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Major Alexander Clough, 12 September 1778

From Major Alexander Clough

[Hackensack, N.J.] Sept. 12th 78 12 OClock


Three french merchants who have been prisoners in New york four months, but had the liberty of the town—informs me, that Gnl Clinton went over to long Island on wedensday last,1 it is suposed to see those troops he carry’d up the sound, which are now encamp’t, he is expected back in a few days, thay continue to embark thayr cannon, and ordinance stores, a body of troops are likewise embarkt, but he knows not the number—another who left new york the last night, conferms the above account, and further adds, thay prest upwards of seven hundered the last tusday, and wedensday, & it still continuas very hot, it is given out that two thousand is wanted, the european merchants are selling of thayr goods by vandue at a very low rate, he gave me the following instance that a sadle & bridle, which would have been sold two months ago for six pounds, may now be bought for four dollors, all other goods are sold in the same proportion, thay have been employ’d in this manner somthing better then a week—whithin these three days orders have been isue’d for all the market boats to be brought in from Long Island, he says further there as been near three thousand head of cattle drove from the east end of Long Island, which thay are now killing, salting, & packing in Barrels, to the southward of Hamstead—bread is sold for sixteen pence sterling a pound. I am your Exellencys most Obt Hbl. Servt

A. Clough


1The previous Wednesday was 9 September.

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