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To George Washington from Major General Israel Putnam, 2 September 1778

From Major General Israel Putnam

Whit plains the 2 of September 1778

as his Excelancy ginrol Washenton requsted that Each ginrol ofesor shuld transmit to him his opinyon in riteng what was beast to be don in this creticl tim whathor the army ought to move and which way I give it as my opinyon that it would not answor any good porposes to remove Estward as the Enimy have Sent such a reinforsment as is suposed to rodisland thay must have don what thay intended befor any reinforsment could posabely arive from this: and it is my opinyon a move from this towards New york would answor many good porposes for I think it must Disconsart thar plans much mor then to follow them and feteag the men with such long marches as thay can so Easley return by wartor at plesuer: and I think any plan thay may have formed against Conetecut or Boston our move towards New york will have an atendanc to Draw thar troops back again for thay never will give a cartinty for an uncartanty as they have New york now in possion thay will not give up that cartanty to try to regain Boston whare thay must be shut up much mor Closly then upon any plas upon the contenant which thar own Experonc tels them. I am your Exelancys most Obedant humbel Sarvant

Israel Putnam

ADS, DLC:GW; Varick transcript, DLC:GW. This is Putnam’s reply to the questions posed by GW at a council of war on the evening of 1 September.

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