George Washington Papers

To George Washington from a Board of General Officers, 26 August 1778

From a Board of General Officers

White Plains, Augt 26. 1778.

Report of the Board of General Officers—

The Board recommend it to be inserted in General Orders, that half a Gill of Rice per Diem be issued, three Times a Week, in Lieu of one Quarter of a Pound of Flour; there being a large Quantity of Rice in Store; more in Proportion than Flour.

The Board also request Your Excellency to repeat, in General Orders, the strict Injunction against any Horses being kept in, or near the Camp, by Persons unauthorised to have a Horse, or Horses maintained at the Public Expence. The Officers commanding Divisions, Brigades, and Regiments, to be answerable for an exact Obedience being paid to this Order.

The Board further recommend it to your Excellency to order all Horses belonging to the United-States, now in Possession of any Person, or Persons not entitled to the same, nor allowed Forage from the Public Magazine, to be forthwith returned to the Qarter Master General, or his Deputy: and that it be forbidden all Persons whatsoever to make Use of any of the Waggon Horses as riding Horses, but by express Order in writing signed by the Officer commanding the Brigade to which such Horse or Horses may belong. This to be enjoined under a severe Penalty.

The Board, in Consequence of Your Excellency’s Representation this Morning1 are clearly of Opinion that the Words, Take Sight, be introduced into the Manual Exercise instead of the Word Present: and that in sizing the Men by Companies, the shortest Men be placed in the Front Rank; and the tallest in the Rear Rank: each Rank to be sized from Right and Left, to the Center.

Horatio Gates president

DS, DLC:GW; Df, NHi: Gates Papers.

1GW’s representation may have been verbal. No such letter has been found.

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