George Washington Papers

General Orders, 26 August 1778

General Orders

Head-Quarters W. Plains Wednesday Augt 26th 1778.

Parole Georgia—C. Signs Gibralter—Gosport.

Guards are to be placed at proper distances in front and Rear of the Brigades to see that the soldiers make use of the Vaults prepared for them; The Purity of the Air and Wholesomness of the Camp depend so much upon the observance of this order that it is expected it will be strictly attended to and every soldier severely punished who is found guilty of a breach of it.

The Brigade Quarter Masters are immediately to have racks fixed up to prevent the great Waste of Forage, occasioned by feeding upon the ground. they are likewise to see that the Waggoners remove the dung and Litter once a Week & burn it.

The Pay-Masters who have not received Pay for their regiments for April & May are to apply to the Pay-Master General tomorrow.

The Commanding Officer of each Company is to keep an exact Size-Roll by which his men are to be drawn up in a single rank, sizing from right to left the tallest being on the right and the shortest on the left, then doubling towards the Center, the Whole is to be thrown into two Ranks the shortest in the Front and the tallest in the Rear Rank.

In all firings the Words “Take Sight![”] are to be substituted in Place of the Word of Command “Present![”]

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

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