George Washington Papers

General Orders, 7 August 1778

General Orders

Head-Quarters White-Plains August 7th 1778.

Parole Flanders—C. Signs Epping Dobbs.

All returns for Arms, Ammunition, Accoutrements &c. are first to be made out by the Regimental Quarter Masters, which after examined and signed by the Commanding Officers of Regiments are to be given to the Brigade Quarter-Masters who are to digest them into Brigade Returns, get them examined and signed by the Brigadiers or Commandants of Brigades, then present them to the Adjutant General for an Order upon the Commissary of Military Stores, taking receipts from the Regimental Quarter Masters for such Articles as shall be delivered them which they are to charge to the several Companies—The Commanding officers of Companies are again to charge their men with such Arms &c. as shall be delivered them respectively and severely punish any non commissioned Officer or soldier who shall carelessly or willfully waste or destroy them besides making them pay the full value thereof: And as there has been in many Instances a wanton waste of Arms Accoutrements and Ammunition, the Commander in Chief enjoins it upon the Commanding Officers of Regiments to see this order pun[c]tually executed, and as it is of the highest Importance that strict Œconomy should be observed with respect to those essential Articles he desires the Brigadiers to pay particular attention to the observance of the same.

The Commander in Chief directs that Doctor Cochran and Doctor Burnet in conjunction with the officers of their departments take the immediate Charge of the Flying-Hospital.

The Muster-Rolls of the Army to be drawn agreeable to the directions and forms prescribed by the Commissary or Deputy Commissary General of Musters—The absent Officers to be accounted for by the Commanding Officers of Corps—the dates of Inlistments and different terms of service for which the troops are engaged to be continued on the Rolls—The strictest attention will be expected to this order.

A return of the State of the Arms Accoutrements and Cloathing of the Regiments to be made to the Officers of Musters on the day of every Muster—The Rank of the Field Officers of the four Regiments of Light Dragoons having been settled by a board of General Officers at White-Marsh on the 24th day of November last, the Officers are to rank in the following manner—

Colonels— L. Colonels   Majors.
Moylan.   White. Washington
Baylor.   Bird. Jameson.
Bland.   Temple. Clough.
Sheldon—   Blackden. Talmadge.

The Quarter Master General is authorized to direct the Waggon Master General or his Deputies to use their best endeavours to enlist Waggoners out of the Militia now in service, and if a sufficient number cannot be procured in that way, they are to engage such as may be deficient out of the draughts or levies from the several States—In the latter Case they are not to take on any Account more than four men out of a Company.

Lieutenant Jones of the 15th Virginia Regiment is appointed Pay-Master to the same.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW; copy (extract certified by Col. Stephen Moylan), DNA:PCC, item 152; copy (extract), DNA:PCC, item 169. The extracts consist of the order about the ranks of dragoon officers. A note on the item 152 extract reads, “to follow letter to Maj. Washington 5th Novr.”

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