George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Louis-Pierre Penot Lombart, Chevalier de La Neuville, 23 July 1778

From Louis-Pierre Penot Lombart, Chevalier de La Neuville

White Plain [N.Y.] this 23 julÿ 1778


the reunion of the both armÿ in one depriving me of the place of inspector Général of the northern armÿ, being verÿ Sensible that the good of the service requires that a man onlÿ maÿ have the care of the discipline, I résign mÿ commission as inspector, and will continüe to Serve the allÿ’s of mÿ King as a Volunteer, mÿ rank in france, the Senioritÿ of mÿ Services allowing not me to be assimilated to Some Gentlemen who have never been in the Service in mÿ countrÿ.

I have been happÿ enough to obtain some honourable certificates of mÿ zeal from the Générals Gates and Parson.1 I beg your goodness for mÿ brother captain in france, and to grant him the leave to continüe the functions of an inspector as he has been appointed bÿ the Général Gates, if ÿou consent to See the Général’s Parson brigade, it will be the proof of his zeal and understanding. I can not help me to make the greatest encomium of the talents, and of the zeal of major Read.2 he, my brother, and me we have made all our endeavours to contribute to the improvment of the armÿ, and we have found in the Officers a Such good will as the Success has passed our hopes.

I will present ÿou the plates of the maneuvres we have executed, with the manners explained to perform them and which are certainlÿ the same that ÿou have adopted the mine coming of the King of Pruss. I am with great respect, Excellencÿ Your most obedient Servant



1Copies of the certificates of Brig. Gen. Samuel Holden Parsons, dated 28 June, and of Maj. Gen. Horatio Gates, dated 24 July 1778, are in DNA:PCC, item 41.

2La Neuville may be referring to Maj. James Randolph Reid of the 2d Canadian Regiment, which was transferred back to the northern department in January 1778.

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