George Washington Papers

General Orders, 3 July 1778

General Orders

Head Quarters Brunswick Landing [N.J.] July 3rd 1778.

ParoleC. Signs

Coll Craige and Majors Nichols and Vaughan are appointed to superinte[n] d the Hospitals in Pennsylvania—They will call at the Orderly-Office tomorrow morning for Instructions.

Vaults for Necessaries are to be immediately sunk, the Offal at the slaughtering pens to be buried and the dead horses removed or buried.

After Orders.

Tomorrow, the Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, will be celebrated by the firing thirteen Pieces of Cannon and a feu de joie of the whole line; The Army will be formed on the Brunswick side of the Rariton at five ôClock in the afternoon on the ground pointed out by the Quarter Master General—The Soldiers are to adorn their Hats with Green-Boughs and to make the best appearance possible—The disposition will be given in the orders of tomorrow—Double allowance of rum will be served out.

The General Court Martial whereof Major General Lord-Stirling is President will assemble tomorrow morning at the time and place mentioned in yesterdays Orders—Members the same as heretofore, except Colonel Irvin, vice, Coll Grayson.1

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1In an orderly book of Brig. Gen. Jedediah Huntington’s brigade, the orders continue: “The Post office is kept at Brunswick at the house of Mrs Graham in Albany Street a few days [doors] above white Hall. The Post will set out on Monday Morning early” (NHi). Lt. Col. Aaron Burr’s orderly book replaces the last sentence of that text with “A Southern Post will set out on Sunday Morning Early” (NHi).

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