George Washington Papers

General Orders, 22 March 1778

General Orders

Head-Quarters V. Forge Sunday March 22nd 1778.

Parole: Beverly—Countersigns: Buxton Brent.

As a System of easy Manœuvres and Exercise is to be introduced with a view of establishing Uniformity in these points throughout the Army the Commanding Officers of Brigades and Regiments are desired to discontinue exercising & manœuvring their men by way of instruction until new regulations shall be distributed—Such Evolutions and Exercise as are indispen[s]ibly necessary in the ordinary Camp duties may in the mean time be performed according to the accustomed methods.

The prices of the following Articles, Rum, French Bra[n]dy, Gen, Spirits and Cyder Royal not being rated in the general orders of 26th January last, the venders of these Articles have taken advantage and therefore sell them at the most exorbitant rates. The Brigadiers and officers commanding Brigades are desired to meet at General Woodford’s Quarters on tuesday morning at ten ôClock and regulate the prices of the above.1

Adjutant General to purchase all Arms and Accoutrements of deserters, and no other Person.

Captain Seely is appointed Brigade Major vice, Brigade Major McGowin who is to act as Brigade Inspector, in the second Pennsylvania Brigade.2

A return of Drums and Fifes wanting in the several Brigades to be given in to the Adjutant General tomorrow at orderly-time.3

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

1Brig. Gen. William Woodford reputedly had his quarters at the house of Samuel Richards about three miles southeast of Valley Forge (Woodman, History of Valley Forge description begins Henry Woodman. The History of Valley Forge: With a Biography of the Author and the Author’s Father, who was a Soldier with Washington at Valley Forge during the Winters of 1777 and 1778. Oaks, Pa., 1921. description ends , 82).

2Isaac Seely (b. 1757) was commissioned a lieutenant in the 4th Pennsylvania Battalion in January 1776. He remained with the unit, renamed the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment in January 1777, and was promoted to captain on 20 Sept. 1777. Reported as captured in an engagement at Paramus, N.J., on 16 April 1780, Seely subsequently returned to service, transferring to the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment when the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment was disbanded in January 1783 and serving to the end of the war.

3Brig. Gen. Edward Hand’s orderly book includes “After Orders” for this date: “Colo. Stewart is appointed president of the Genl Court Martial which sitts Tomorrow Ten oclock A.M.: at the Adjt Genls Quarters, by Adjournment” (DNA: RG 93, Orderly Books, 1775–1783, vol. 22).

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