George Washington Papers

General Orders, 9 June 1777

General Orders

Head-Quarters, Middle-Brook, June 9th 1777.

Parole: Newcastle.Countersigns: Newark Newport.

The Commander in Chief is pleased to approve the following sentences of a General Court Martial, held the 6th Instant and orders them to be put in execution forthwith—The delinquents to be immediately taken out of the Guard-house, and punished at the brigade parades, to which they respectively belong.

William Nicholson, Abraham Hill, Thomas Banks & Anthony Payne—all of the 15th Virginia Regt charged with “Desertion”—Nicholson & Hill to receive 25 lashes each; Banks & Anthony 20 each.

John King of the 1st New-Jersey regt charged with “Desertion” to receive 50 lashes.

John Lowry of the 9th Virginia—charged with “damning the General and his orders”—to receive 39 lashes.

James Dougherty of the 3rd New-Jersey—charged with “Desertion”—to receive 100 lashes.

Daniel Hailey of the 3rd Virginia regt charged with “Deserting from his regiment and inlisting in the 10th Pennsylvania regiment”—to receive 25 lashes.

Samuel Mason of the 3rd Virginia regt charged with “Deserting from his regiment and inlisting in the 10th Pennsylvania regiment”—to receive 20 lashes.

John Bybecker of the German battalion, charged with “Desertion and inlisting into another regiment”—the sentence postponed for further evidence.

The duty of the Major General of the day, to begin at the mounting of the guard one day and to end at the same time the next.

The commanding officer of each corps to keep an ammunition account with their men, and make them pay, for all that is wantonly wasted.

Captains of companies to keep a list of their men’s cloaths, and have them critically examined every Saturday—A soldier shall not presume to sell any part of his cloaths on any pretence whatever.

The prisoners under sentence of death, to prepare for execution, to morrow at 12 o’clock—The whole Army, except General Lincoln’s division, to be assembled for this purpose, near the Artillery park—The criminals to be attended with such Chaplains, as they choose.

As there is a plenty of common and French sorrel; lamb’s quarters, and water cresses, growing about camp; and as these vegetables are very conducive to health, and tend to prevent the scurvy and all putrid disorders—The General recommends to the soldiers the constant use of them, as they make an agreeable sallad, and have the most salutary effect. The regimental officer of the day to send to gather them every morning, and have them distributed among the men.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW.

Lincoln’s orderly book includes the following orders at the end of the general orders for this date: “A Detachment of three Captains, Six Subalterns, Six Serjeants and one hundred and fifty men to parade this afternoon at 5 O’Clock, at the Artillery park with three days provisions to be under the command of Major Waltner [Ludwig Weltner]—who will receive his orders from Brigadier General Maxwell” (MHi: Lincoln Papers; see also “Muhlenberg’s Orderly Book,” 33:460). Muhlenberg’s orderly book also includes the following “After orders” for this date: “One field Officer 4 Capts & Subalterns & 200 Privates from Genl Stevens division to parade immediately with their arms &ca and march to Steels Gap to Execute a Piece of work, the Commg Officer will send to the Q.M.G. for 200 Axes. One Capt 2 Sub. & 50 Privates from each Genl Mughlenburghs & Weedons Brigade to parade for the same purpose and march with axes to the same place” (ibid.).

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