George Washington Papers

General Orders, 10 November 1776

General Orders

Head-Quarters, White-Plains,1 Nov. 10th 1776.

Parole: North-Castle.Countersign: Bedford.

Such Officers as have been commissioned by the different States for the New-Army, are immediately to set about recruiting from the Troops of such State only, upon the following terms. Twenty Dollars Bounty. A Suit of Cloaths. One hundred Acres of land. The same pay and Rations, as are now given—The service to continue during the present Contest with Great-Britain.

Such ample encouragement, it is not doubted, will induce every true Lover of his Country, to engage in its defence; to preserve it from the Horrors of Slavery, and the desolation of a cruel and barbarous enemy—No Boys (under the idea of Waiters, or otherwise) or old Men, to be inlisted—if they are, they will be returned on the hands of the officer, without any allowance for any expence he may be at.

Varick transcript, DLC:GW. The Varick transcript of this day’s general orders is followed by a hand pointer and a note that reads: “The Original Orders from Novr 10th to Jany 12th 1777 inclusive, are missing.” The beginning date for those missing general orders should be 11 Nov., of course. General orders have been found in other sources for c.10, 12, and 29 Dec. 1776 and 1 Jan. 1777, and they are included in this volume under those dates.

1GW departed from his headquarters near White Plains about eleven o’clock this morning, and he arrived about sunset at Peekskill where he remained until the morning of 12 Nov. when he crossed the Hudson to New Jersey (see GW to Hancock, 11 Nov., and Wilson, Heath’s Memoirs description begins Rufus Rockwell Wilson, ed. Heath’s Memoirs of the American War. 1798. Reprint. New York, 1904. description ends , 95).

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